Making good bed: the secrets of the champions maids I know

The news came last week and it was the perfect excuse for many: a study of Britain’s University of Kingston showed that leave the bed unmade could be a solution to eliminate mites, these bugs so annoying for allergy sufferers. Two conclusions: there is always a university willing to finance unusual studies and, more scientific study there, no bed to resist the speed and skill of Argentine maids who work for maid service toronto and participated since Monday 3rd National Championship, which Lucrecia consecrated yesterday Soria, Termas de Río Hondo, such as Argentina champion . The initiative is the Federation of Hotels and Restaurants of the Argentina Republic (FEHGRA) and performed across the country to train and give visibility to people who exercise this office, for many the “heart” of a hotel. This week, 48 finalists competed throughout the country, and the winner was awarded $ 10,000. Jurors evaluate technical aspects, such as cleaning and preparation of a room, and presence as uniform, makeup and hair under. Each participant had half an hour for presentation. And you watch them work serves to learn some secrets: the cleaning is done from top to bottom and circular manner, to leave nothing to review. More tips for the champions, which can be put into practice by all: “The beds are ‘dressed’ says Isabel Benitez, one of the juries, then what to check first and foremost is that the clothes of bed have the right size. ” Another participant reveals his secret: ” My technique is to remove all sheets and start from scratch . As much it costs and that seems the most annoying. And to make it very tight, adjust first one side and then the other, “says Silvia Assaf, a finalist, Bahia Blanca. Each participant had to choose cleaning products for your car (“Like the chefs before going to cook,” says another jury). A key: n or use bleach, nor powder cleaners or cream . Another secret: do not use hot water for cleaning. “The tap water comes out 40th or 50th, is the same as using cold water,” said Isabel, with over 30 years experience in hotels.

Influential cultural aspects when doing business in India

Greetings and courtesies

The Indians usually greet each other saying “namaste”, joining his palms with fingers facing upwards and slightly bowed his head, this gesture may include a subtle trunk tilt when you want to show special respect to alguien.Sin But Westerners are greeted by international handshake; is useful to note that the very traditional men do not reach out to women, whether Indian or foreign, as a gesture of respect for Indian women ellas.Las Western educated manner usually also use the handshake, but is recommended to allow them take the lead in the greeting and the beginning of a conversation, otherwise only recommended abroad smile and slightly tilt the cabeza.En India are highly valued securities, ie if one is a doctor, lawyer, etc, it is recommended mention the show, plus the suffix ji (sounds “yi”) or “sir” after proper names is used to indicate respect, for example Sanjiv Sanjiv Sanjiv ji or sir.Es habit of asking to withdraw when one is in a meeting, then begins to greet the integral older or more range.

Decision making

on slow processes in India businessmen especially in top 10 Indian B2B portals take a long time to discuss every aspect of a deal and done that require one extra period to issue a response final.Se recommended patience and plan other activities in the span of days or weeks they can take to get the answers. The impatience of a negotiator is taken as a sign of rudeness, it is likely that if the Indian entrepreneur perceives any pressure regarding the speed of its response, it reacts negatively

Talking Points

It is important to talk about family, children and friends as part of the process of mutual understanding in doing business in India. Estostemas are crucial and give way to other topics such as religion and politics, in which it is important to be well informed to exchange ideas so well argued.


early twenty-first century India It is a country still dominated by men. Women of foreign businesses should have no problem with modern Indian entrepreneurs exposed to the western world, but sometimes problems can arise with older negotiators who are more traditional and less open. The key is to behave in a professional, confident and safe manner; avoiding any gesture that could be interpreted as an invitation to flirteo.Se recommended that meetings outside the workplace are during the day, eg lunch, and not insist when Indian businessman insists on paying the bill of mismo.Las foreign women should be prepared to hear questions about their marital status, whether you have children and age, are common themes that align with the Indian habit of talking about family relationships own and others.


The Indians value the punctuality of your guests but do not apply the same concept about themselves, ie normally schedules are not respected for meetings of any kind. It is worth mentioning that sometimes the chaotic traffic of large Indian cities influences these delays and even not surprising that a meeting be rescheduled several times last moment before finally carried out. That’s why we have to calculate a loose agenda with some extra days as possible, however it is usual to agree meetings a month in advance, but then change the fecha.Las business meetings are held early in the morning or early afternoon, it is usual to start with a relaxed chat that can be accompanied by tea or lunch and only then tackle the main theme, sometimes take place in the offices but it is common to meet in private clubs, golf courses or restaurants. The fact that the guest accepts the meal or snack that is offered is seen, not even after consumed, always accept!

Business attire

It is normal for businessmen in India dress informally but very neat and marks first internacionales.El usual attire is shorts and short-sleeved shirts; special events, meetings or official opening quotations dress is more formal and less hot seasons suits lightweight fabrics can also be used. It is well seen wearing leather jackets and accessories, avoid them as possible. In Delhi and the north may be necessary to wear thicker coat in the months from November to February, in the months of monsoon (which varies by region) are recommended umbrella, rain gear and several changes clothes, although short stay as humidity slows the drying of freshly laundered garments. It is essential to carry with you at least a small handkerchief to wipe the sweat, useful and everyone uses it. Women can wear dresses or casual jacket and pants sets, provided they are not provocative; accepted that a foreign use sari (typical female costumeIndia) But the complex nature of it, just be good to use if the woman is comfortable with that dress. To avoid bad moments we recommend avoiding skirts above the knees and sleeveless shirts or dresses.

Gifts entrepreneurs

At the first meeting the attentions are unusual, yes when the business relationship is developed and there is minimal knowledge mutuo.Si known to the birthday (men) drinks alcohol, an imported whiskey is an excellent present; accessories, calculators, pens and thin ties are also appreciated; too big or too expensive gifts can generate discomfort on the part of the recipient, avoid these Muslims situaciones.Los and much of the Sikhs do not drink alcohol and could be considered offensive a gift of those last características.Por is remembered that these are delivered with both hands and should not wait for the recipient to open it at the time.

How to remove cat hair – my experience from 10 years living with cats

Surely some of your feline friends have already started losing hair in larger quantities.
We are beginning March, and there are more hours of daylight, indicating the onset of moulting. That usually means that our homes become to resemble the ” Wild West “with rolling balls wandering around the house, although they are not tumbleweeds, but giant lint …. what can we do?



Some time ago we published a post on how to brush our cats to avoid the appearance of so-called “hairballs”. And the first way to keep the house may be filled with hair, is to start with the cat.
First, it is noteworthy that adequate food decreases the amount of hair removed by the animal, it is the time of year it is. This includes providing a quality food as the “private label” or cause a supermarket coat quality (among other things) and that the animal bad hair streamed loose. Some animals also release more hair than normal because they have some nutritional deficiency, because they have higher requirements. In these cases it is advisable to go to the vet to advise us of a vitamin or supplement omega 3 and 6, and salmon oil. While these supplements may be sporadically without veterinary prescription is recommended that if we are going to take for a long time, is under veterinary supervision (excessive supplements can cause problems).
If our cat loose normal, corresponding to the moulting hair, the best way to keep the house hair is brushing regularly. Furminator Brush is highly effective at removing dead hair, is so effective that some people “are afraid” because it seems that short hair.However, in my experience with this brush, I do not think a haircut, but our cats are so dead hair at this time of year and we believe it. Use the Furminator should be done properly: giving repeated passes gently and slowly, to avoid jerks, scratches and static electricity. The pulled hairs that accumulate at the end of each pass are retiring with a comb. In the Furminator moulting can be used a few times per week, interspersed with brushed with a regular comb.
If you do not have or do not adapt Furminator to use, we can use other brushes for pets, as we recommended in that post . Complementary methods to be brushed using a plastic glove that removes surface hair of the animal.
Incredibly, some animals are left “suck” hair. There are some devices on the market that comb while aspiring cat and the pipe is very long (for the noise of the best pet hair vacuum does not scare the animal). If your cat is a quiet animal, it could be to tolerate this method and could “aspirarle” gently to the hairs remain in the vacuum cleaner.
I’m curious: any cat will tolerate being “sucked” … ??
The other day I also found this “automatic” brush for cats. This is a cornerback with spikes in the cat must rub (of course, your cat has to like you, but try …) and so is eliminating some single hairs.
A cat autocepillándose
Another great way to avoid hair around the house is the bathroom. The bathroom removes a lot of hair, although it should not abuse that could damage the skin and cat hair. Once a month moulting is usually sufficient. A particularly effective method is to make the cat a “double room”: first it gets wet the animal, a mild soap pet applies then we highly recommend using a conditioner for cats, which softens the hair and allow for better styling . We dry and comb the animal very well. A hairstyle again, we return to wet the animal, shampooing and conditioning. Rinse with water. We dry and brush. This method is usually removed a lot of hair, but not all cats tolerate a session of “spa” so long.
However well cepillemos cat or bañemos, will continue having hairs, let’s face it (though the amount of hair will be much lower, of course).This is where a battery of tricks hard to keep the house and furniture free of hair.
Looking transversely our soil we will realize that a lot of hairs end there, and we got them to pass and finish in furniture, chairs or higher places like shelves. Keep the soil free of hair is vital to prevent accumulation above.
Unfortunately brooms are not the best method, risers which remove hair. Using a mop, especially if it is of carrying a washable or disposable cloth is much recommended.Mops, you should be microfiber as they are antistatic (so with cloths, microfiber better).Scrubbing water can add some soap to real “hair traps” as Sanicat that prevent hair easily lift off the ground.
The best method is definitely sucked. A powerful vacuum cleaner will be the best investment to own a house free of hairs. The “Dyson” vacuum type usually have very good reviews (I’m thinking of buying one, but have a higher price) and allow the upholstery and leave pristine corner of the house. Likewise, robot vacuum cleaners also greatly facilitate life (Roomba type), and that are scheduled to perform alone passes through the house. Some models have HEPA filters (highly recommended for allergy sufferers). For two years now we have one at home, and is one of my favorite pots … lógicamante although not perfect, significantly reduces the “burden of hair.” Do not forget to suck well “hidden corners hairs” as vents, air conditioning, low sofas and various furniture. It is not the first time I finished cleaning and begin to appear more pelusones … inóspitos leaving these places.
In addition to vacuuming, the Roomba has other more recreational uses …
Mention apart for carpets. They are a real nest of hair and since I have cats, banished from my house. If you still choose to have carpet, consider buying one that is easily cleaned (such as those made of bamboo). If you can not help your love for Far Eastern carpets, daily vacuuming is essential, and even use an old steam (with something like a “steam cleaner”) to end
mites that live there. A quick method to remove hairs a carpet is to use a “strip” of which are used to clean the windows.The “spongy” zone which serves to dry the glass can be used, slightly wet, to give one pass and remove carpet hairs tutiplén. A little trick is to mix a little fabric softener with water and spray to spray on the fabric: fabric softener makes the hair separates and makes us easier aspirate or rub.
Cat hair on furniture or fleet also hits the atmosphere from the ground.Float This effect can be minimized by controlling the humidity in the atmosphere. A dry environment increases the amount of flying hairs, so you can use a humidifier to avoid an overly dry environment.
The hairs also will stick less to your sofas, cushions, and chairs if cortíns use special hair repellent fabrics. Even for sofa, synthetic leather using the glued hair diminished greatly. To clean the upholstery and apparel, apart from the vacuum cleaner, there are several “homemade” solutions.One of the most effective is to take an oven mitt, wet it slightly and pass it through the fabric. Packing tape, winding it on hand can also be used.Even a sponge, wet, remove a fair amount of hair on the upholstery.Another handy option is the nylons (tights), they also remove hair.
Removes static hair
Sold commercially removes lint brushes which are usually red, have a velvet appearance. Other quitapelusas use static brushes. Likewise, remove the paper lint rollers are a quick and urgent option for fabrics. The Ikea are especially popular because they are cheap, I use them in pairs for all my clothes.
For fabrics that allow it, the dryer removes a fair amount of hair, although you must remember to be cleaning the filter apparatus. They also sell a kind of static for washers and dryers that trap hairs and facilitate their leaves removed.
Finally, nothing better furniture for the microfiber cloth with a splash of a special anti-static spray that catches hairs. The cloth can be washed, but should NOT throw suavizane to avoid losing their property.
So after the time you’ve spent reading this article … probably your cat has thrown a few more clumps of hair. I also leave you, I’ll take the quitapelusas roll …

Want to become a bookkeeper?

You have just arrived in Canada and you are considering a new career? If you have good basic computer and your level math is correct, the job of bookkeeper (also called bookkeeper) could then be a good livelihood for you.

I came to this conclusion after attending an information session on bookkeeping services center for immigrants Woodgreen. This session was moderated by Lina Uchinucura, director of education at the Canadian Institute of Bookkeeping (Canadian Institute of bookkeeping).
“Today, more than 300,000 bookkeepers work in Canada,” says Uchinucura “and this is because all businesses – whether small, medium or large – conducting financial transactions and all need bookkeepers. “

According to the website This profession is in high demand in Canada. Clicking bookkeeper (bookkeeper), you will see that the average unemployment rate across Canada is 7%, in contrast to the bookkeepers, the unemployment rate is only 3%, which means that the competition is weaker. Although the average wage for chatswood MYOB bookkeeper services is 14.88 dollars an hour, or somewhat below the national average (18.07 dollars an hour), the future looks promising bookkeepers.
By Moreover, you can also consider the function bookkeeper as a springboard for a future career as an accountant, profession whose unemployment rate is below 2%, and the average wage of 25 dollars an hour.

Another source points out the benefits of the profession of bookkeeper. This is the “Index of the Employment Opportunities for New Immigrants, Based on Skills Transferability and barriers to access to professions – January 2003″ published by Human Resources and Social Development Canada (HRSDC). The authors of this paper conclude that some jobs are better suited to new immigrants. If you have a good job, you will find work quickly, but if your business has little future, you will have to face many problems and you should probably consider changing field of expertise.

On a list of 200 occupations, starting with the best, the function bookkeeper worthily occupies 29th place.You can purchase the above document to libraries or available on the Internet at: page00.shtml .

What are the main responsibilities of a bookkeeper?

According to the 1231 Code of the National Occupational Classification (NOC), the bookkeeper must keep financial records, report and reconcile accounts, verify the procedures used for recording financial transactions, and perform other bookkeeping services books of accounts for individuals. All these responsibilities involve manipulating numbers. That’s why we want to know if you are good in math. And today, most of the tasks in the bookkeeping is done by computer. So bookkeeper must master programs like Microsoft Word, Excel, Simply Accounting and QuickBooks. Professional accountants should, in turn, know how to use ACCPAC more.
What opportunities for career advancement? According to the NOC, career advancement to positions of higher paying accounts is possible if the candidates take additional training.

Where can I get this training?

“The programs bookkeeping are taught at several colleges and business schools,” says Uchinucura “and to receive a full education in bookkeeping, you must follow nine courses: Bookkeeping I and II, Computer Applications I and II, computerized bookkeeping I and II, cost management, income tax and payroll administration. “

The approximate cost of the new course is $ 3,000. Besides you spend studying, you must obtain Canadian work experience, and that’s why many institutions offer study programs work. However, if you are not convinced that this profession is for you, basic courses in bookkeeping are available in most training centers for adults for a nominal fee.

Once you have completed your training, you need to write your resume and start your job search for a position as bookkeeper in job banks like or . Currently, there are more than 350 vacancies for this function.

Please find below a typical ad for a bookkeeper in a Canadian job bank:

  • Salary: 25 000 $ 35 000 per year, 40 hours per week. Other benefits.
  • Education: high school diploma or vocational training.
  • Experience: 3-5 years.
  • Languages: English reading, speaking and writing.
  • Computer Applications: Windows, email, word processing software, spreadsheet software, Excel, Accounting software, Quick Books, Internet.
  • Specific skills: maintain general ledger and financial statements to date, view journal entries, prepare account balance records, reconcile accounts, calculate and prepare checks for payroll, develop statistical, financial and accounting, calculating assets and depreciation.
  • Essential skills: reading text, document use, numeracy, writing, oral communication, teamwork, problem solving, decision making, critical thinking, task planning, organizing, finding information, continuing education.

And I have kept the best news for last: the profession of bookkeeper does today knows no regulation. This means that during your interview, an employer can not ask you for your license because it is not required.However, there is a national title of certified content books, which is issued by the Canadian Institute of Bookkeeping ( ), and that will benefit you no doubt by reports to your competitors.
“To receive the As a bookkeeper, “adds Uchinucura” must pass the new exams by getting above 65% marks and have three years of experience as  bookkeeper website , including self-employment. International experience of immigrants will be counted as a year of work. “

Once you have your certification bookrunner, I can guarantee you that you will know most of the secrets of this profession and you’re ready to upgrade to an accountant, who according to the list of 200 trades above ranks second place after the computer engineer function.

For more information on the profession of bookkeeper in Canada, please visit the website of the Canadian Association of grade and bookkeepers at the following address: .

Want to study Graphic Design?

Academic stage of your life where you have to decide what further study is coming. Many say it is the most important deciciones of your life and there is no turning back, but anytime you leave the race you choose and start over from scratch, all you would lose in that case would be the time you spent studying in that career in the end was not what you really wanted.

Now, I’ll give you a warning if you are contemplating studying the Design Website Training, I took 2 and a half years and in that, so I can say more or less like this situation.

If you plan to study Graphic Design you should know that:

  • Most of your friends and acquaintances to study anything you always say, “Your career is very easy”, “you get high marks for making it easy”, “anyone can do it.” Seriously, it will often be frustrating and even try to argue the point continue reviewing the same.
  • The first semester there are many classes that seem to “Crafts”. An amazing amount of glue, scissors and paper of different colors used. For this reason your clothes will stain paint, solvents …
  • You’ll spend a good starting money. Yes sometimes buying materials even knew existed, cardstock, cardboard, paper, paints, vinyls and especially a lot of ink for printing.
  • You will become friends with caffeine. It might not be habitual consumer of coffee, but often you’ll need for those typical disclosed the trade of being a designer.
  • You’ll learn a little bit of everything. Poquito silkscreen, bit of photography, engraving bit, little bit … But to learn photoshop 100% what you are most interested in going to have to learn on your own, outside the uni.

Do you still want to study design?

Your resume know what you know?

Much of people’s HR companies with whom I have had the opportunity to speak, mainly value the knowledge and experience acquired in the workplace. Ie not seeking both a person who knows the theory but looking for people who can implement the practice.

Usually this type of learning we acquire almost without realizing it, based on the daily work and precisely why sometimes are not aware of the vast amount of knowledge and experience we have gained.

To be aware of this, from time to time it is appropriate to stop and dump everything we have learned in our curriculum. In this way we will be able to take a historical record of what we have learned, while maintaining our updated resume.To help in InfoJobs we simplified the process of editing skills in the curriculum.Want to try it now?

Define your knowledge considering the company 

first thing to keep in mind when we add our knowledge to the curriculum is how the company uses this information.  There are three main uses:

-When. indicates explicitly offer expertise in the work

-When. reviewing resumes enrolled bid

-When. searches the database of candidates My-Opi.

Knowledge in Job 

When a company publish a job offer express their needs in different fields of information (job, province, education, type of contract, etc..). And the knowledge that should be the person who chooses the job.

therefore, a good recommendation is to draw our knowledge as do companies . The closer we are in the way we express more empathy and possibilities have to be considered (for example, using them in the cover letter).

Performing this analysis frequently is also interesting because it allows us to discover what our knowledge about that the market demands and to establish strategies to cover our weaknesses.

Knowledge Search by keywords 

One of the most common ways that companies use to find candidates is seeking resumes by keywords (like you do you when you want deals ). These searches may apply.

-A deals recorded in the CVs.

-A CVs that are visible in database.

Either way, good writing skills provide our recruiters find us. Conversely, poor writing we may become “invisible.”

It is important to adapt language used by the recruiter being concise and avoiding all that is superfluous.

Examples of knowledge expressed incorrectly

After a first analysis of the use of field knowledge the candidate InfoJobs, these are the most common mistakes:

Languages ​​: The curriculum InfoJobs already have a box to indicate explicit language. The companies have an option to search by language. Report known languages ​​in the wrong place it will not find us.

Jobs: knowledge is NOT a job. Should not be set in this field texts as “Cash”, “Repositioning”, “Technical …”, “Head ….”, “Assistant …”, “Responsible …”. This information must be considered within the section of experiences. If we place the information in the wrong place we are sending the recruiter do not understand the difference between knowledge and a job.

Courses, Carnets, Certificates … : Any word beginning with “Course …”, “Carné … “,” Certificate …. “is not indicative of knowledge as such. There are other places for this information.

- Redundancy words, concepts need not be repeated, for example

. “Knowledge of Java” should be “Java”

. “Microsoft Word program” should be “Microsoft Word”

“Software Autocad” should be “AutoCAD”.

“Using Spreadsheets” should be “Excel”, “OpenOffice” explaining the tools in question.

“Expert in Adobe Photoshop” should be “Adobe Photoshop” and indicate the level of knowledge with the relevant option.

Other words that we must beware: All those skills that begin:

“All”,  “Good”,  “User”,  “Good”,  “In”,  “Improved”


In any case we lie on our resume. Sooner or later the recruiter will find out.

Refresh your knowledge of the CV 

Think about your latest knowledge, update your CV InfoJobs and increases the chances that you are.

My dad bike trip

Today I’m talking about my dad. My dad travels mainly in France, I have already explained in the genesis of our Around The World : it is not a gene journey . At least not with me. It is rather a disease that I have passed, perhaps in part by my big sister as well as an old friend.

Back to my dad. He travels by bike especially since his retirement. And I’m talking about travel. The bike is good family, moreover, all my cycles, it was he who gave them to me refurbished. It was often the Recycling! My current bike is also his former best hybrid bikes for men.

Since he decided to travel, it is equipped with GPS, trailer, solar panels, bike shorts . What amazes me about him is how he was able to exploit the news to really simplify your life and increase independence.

In general it share in the Massif des Vosges , pedal several days. It is not uncommon for him to go alone, even if he prefers the company. The problem is that we must find companions. Drive fast for several days in the mountain roads. In the evening he bivouac with his small tent, doing the dishes with its biodegradable soap: a real contact with nature, before back in the saddle at the daybreak. Using GPS hike, it is not lost which always gives him more freedom to charge he uses his dynamo or solar panel if it’s fine.

In short, you guessed it, I’m proud of him. Even a little practice and I could possibly go with him one of these days!

Experience of using the iPhone 5

Three weeks I am using an iPhone 5 does. Initially my idea was to try the experience for a reasonable time to sell later. Which eventually I will not.

What made me decide to keep it?

I’m using Android since 2009, the year in which I got the HTC Magic. It seems incredible that only make 4 years started hovering smartphones. Since then I have been with Android Phones: Galaxy Nexus, HTC One Note 2 and the terminals have been that I’ve had for a reasonable period of time. I like Android, and now that has improved so much and has many applications in very good quality. It was not always so.

Switching to iPhone is a new user experience that I’m finding interesting, which according to my current preferences use and gives me the following:

1. Reduced size. ‘ve always preferred the big screens. My satisfaction with Note 2 was huge. Have a device to serve you for everything has its point (not to mention autonomy). The 4 ‘iPhone make it an extremely convenient device to carry and handle. I suppose they are moments, times and circumstances do better something or other.

2. Using the tablet. Limiting the size of the iPhone has driven me to always carry with me the Note 10. Right now I am writing this post with it, taking advantage of the way home from work. I like this concept smartphone as digital handheld that I use when removing the tablet is not feasible (working day, on the street, etc). I’m enjoying a dwarf using the tablet in mobility beyond the comfortable home sofa.

Three. Apps. applications Android has very good quality, but had long undiscovered new. It may seem silly, if one has all you need, what you want to discover new apps? Simple and simply for fun. Use iOS mobile concept has allowed me to discover new marketing apps that have delighted me.

April. Fast Charge. Autonomy iPhone is mediocre. Now are 16h and I’m below 10%, although I have used a lot more today than usual. There are days that covers almost the entire day. But it is something I enjoy half an hour to write the loading terminal and remove more than 50%. IPhone Charging is very fast, and that’s tremendously useful.

May. No distractions. thing that is also to like me is that iOS is focused on application usage. None of customization, simpler configurations and a setting that you find something simple icons you get entry to apps. This is as boring as productive, and at this point I prefer the productivity.

6. Updates and mental peace. Knowing that the device you’re going to receive the updates that are released in the system is something I like.Something that Android is also achieved with the Nexus. That coupled with the long longetividad allowing the launch of iPhones to take another rhythm vorágime semiannual releases arising in Android causes a techie as I intuit that it is easier to focus on the use of technology rather than in the acquisition of technology. We’ll see if this is true, then I will not deny that I still poking my overheated head ordered and get a NEXUS 5, a terminal being much cheaper offers more than one user asks a smartphone ( and some advantages over the iPhone).

¿Android / iOS, complementary systems?

The iOS / Android war is served among users who prefer one or the other system. However many of us see beyond a merciless war see advantages and disadvantages in both systems and we opted for a bit spread use of both rather than opt for one of them.

I remember as a very satisfying user experience I had with the duo Galaxy Nexus + iPad 2. Notion Mobile Android / iPad allows for a much more versatile device pocket, with greater freedom of movement, in addition to the power to have a tablet with a wider range of quality applications.

However I inverted pair is charming, iPhone + Android tablet. Lightest mobile with good camera (and apps that enrich), focused on the use of apps with fewer distractions, a visible sun screen (I know, the Note 2 left this obsession …) and applications system one step ahead in areas that are of interest to me (TwistedWave, Tweetbot and iMovie are three good examples). Android on a tablet provides more freedom to manage files (useful for the handover of movies and series) and you can download directly content without relying on the pc (from the same browser or through a client Torrents ). Do not have the wide range of apps that have iOS on tablets, but a matter of assessing what one wants to win and what you lose, because it is clear you to take the device to hop and you do the combination of pots you do, you’ll win things and you will lose others.