My favorite movies of 2015

The best that can happen in this type of lists with ‘best of the year’ is not seeing some of the recommendations set out. Therefore, wishing that fortune is on our side, now share in the blog the movies that I They have marked throughout 2015. What has been my criterion for selection? As in art and literature, cinema am guided by emotion, language, beauty, reflection and change that is inside your viewing and reading.Considering that, in my humble opinion, a good movie is one that you would see more than three times and would not let to recommend to your best friends. ^ – ^ _ Here are my 12 favorite! You can search for them to watch online or download to your PC at movie2k.

The best movies I’ve seen in 2015:

1) Lobster


Greek hand director of ‘Canino’ Yorgos Lanthimos, comes this wonderful film about contemporary love in a dystopian future. A vision of Dadaist air where singleness, our self more animal, and the dream of a perfect match It is latent in every image, dialogue and performative act of the film. With an exquisite sense of humor and a cast of ten. ->Trailer Lobster

2) Me and Earl and the Dying Girl


If you like movies Gondry and Spike Lee, the film director Alfonso Gomez-Rejon will freak out. Awarded the prize for Best Film and Audience Award at the 2015 Sundance Festival, ‘Me and Earl and the Dying Girl ‘tells the story of a teenage girl who is pushed to accompany a girl in his class during the healing process of leukemia. Super witty and funny, with a start captivating scene, manages to excite anyone from small we felt more outside than inside of a world without the big screen would not be the same. -> Trailer Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

3) Travel Sils Maria

Juliette Binoche vs. Kristen Stewart. The time for women and confrontation between fiction and reality are two major issues that this great film by French director Olivier Assayas manages to capture the look of our judgment. A game of interpretation and script that rises to the mountains to delight even an ending that strikes me as perfect. -> Travel Trailer Sils Maria

4) Locke


Ivan Locke, so called the (anti) hero contemporary superbly played by Tom Hardy. A time trial and adrenaline thriller directed by Steven Knight, in which Locke will face a lifetime of work, social and cultural conventions. Told in real time and with a breathtaking display assembly. -> Trailer Locke

5) Queen of Earth


If you’re a fan of Bergman this film you’ll love. Directed and scripted by Alex Ross Perry, ‘Queen of Earth’ puts us in a summer house where two best friends decide to spend a few days to relax after traumatic events. Two friends who, over the years, have come to a new situation where hatred, bitterness and mutual incomprehension begin to gain ground in their relationship. Unnerving, acid and high doses of psychological terror. The fear of madness itself. -> Trailer Queen of Earth

6) Foxcatcher


Inspired by the true story of Olympic gold medalist Mark Schultz, this film directed by Bennett Miller excellence, tells the story of an athlete received by a millionaire twisted to support him in his career. Dark and emotionally charged, will present human dilemmas as old as the need for recognition, the familiar concept of competitiveness and success. The performances of its three protagonists are impressive. -> Trailer Foxcatcher

7) Beasts of the Southern Wild

a-beasts wild south

Do not be fooled by his appearance indie mega! Beasts of the Southern Wild, Benh Zeitlin debut, is a masterpiece for all ages, a film fable for all ages. The film is about the life of a six- years, which may well be the very same Michael Ende Momo, whose natural habitat is flooded due to climate change. With fantastic elements and a sublime script, it is impressive fighting spirit transmitted through its heartbreaking beauty. Sigh of Love also for its soundtrack. -> Trailer Beasts of the Southern Wild

8) Nightcrawler


Ever have you wondered how images of accidents we see daily in the news are achieved? In this thriller by Dan Gilroy we do an idea of the hand of his protagonist: Lou Bloom. An unemployed youth who discovers the opportunity to make a living pursuing the most amazing to make their way in the world of ‘contemporary journalism’ accidents. Quick, satirical, daring and ruthless, it is impossible to see the news the same way after viewing. -> Trailer Nightcrawler



I went to the cinema three times! I guess all at least have seen the trailer for this great animated film directed by Pete Docter and Ronnie Del Carmen. The journey of a girl through her ​​emotions where Joy and Sorrow shall be construed to succeed to the changes brought about growth and life itself. Translating internal conflicts with an amazing mastery. Creativity at its purest. -> Trailer REVERSE

10) Tomorrowland


This film did not like many people but I have excited me. Directed by Brad Bird (who you already know by its movie Ratatouille!), this is the story of a teenager who must face a fate too horrible to conform. A science fiction film in which we discover a universe parallel to ours whose meaning no longer a metaphor of our imagination for a better world. ¿Naif? I would rather say humanist. If I had a daughter or see her teenage niece with her. -> Trailer Tomorrowland

11) The End of the Tour


Although he had not yet read David Foster Wallace, the film prompted me to do this, and I thank . Directed by Donald Margulies and a wonderful soundtrack by Danny Elfman, this is a totally connected in the documentary feature film aesthetics. Inspired by the interview that the reporter of Rolling Stone, David Lipsy made ​​him the great novelist from ‘Infinite Jest’. Stressing its witty dialogue, full of social criticism and around the existential void. After the viewing, I recommend the book ” Conversations with David Foster Wallace ‘. -> Trailer of The End of the Tour

12) Calvary


Really, the film of a cure? Yes, and what a surprise! From minimalist design and thoughtful, John Michael McDonagh takes us with his film ‘Calvary’ litigation Father James Lavelle (masterfully played by Brendan Gleeson) for exactly one week.Bressonianos certain touch, I could not stop thinking about ‘Diary of a Country Priest’ as he watched. This the story of a man facing death and their own faith. -> Trailer Calvary

* I am aware that some films were released one or two years before 2015 but as I have seen this year have considered the same;)



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Basic tips for the use of the playground.

It is suitable to enjoy the stay in the plaza and playground made by indoor playground equipment supplier canada, parents become familiar with the play area, assessing the place and anticipate a potential risks that may exist in some sectors; Verify that the place is neat, no glass or other dangerous elements in the soil or facilities and that there are no drop-offs or obstacles that may affect the safety of the children. It is also necessary to guide the game in sectors or facilities suitable for the age of the child.

During the game, you must teach the child to wait their turn to play, make use planned for the various games; to raising and lowering devices safely and take the necessary safeguards for the proper use of the facilities.

The following recommendations have been considered four of the most common games in the parks and squares. They include some important aspects in which users should be considered.


Mobile facilities at parks and children’s seats, the swings are that most are associated with injury, but with a few simple precautions, your child may be safer while you swing:

The swings must be made with soft materials, such as rubber or plastic, instead of wood or metal.

  • Swinging a a child in every game.
  • While swinging, remain sitting, not standing, kneeling or another different position.
  • While the swing is in motion must hold strongly with both hands, and when they want to leave the game, they should completely stop motion swing before lowering.
  • Children must be kept at a safe distance from other children who are swinging, taking care not to interrupt (is running or walking) the swing path, both front and backYou have to look at the possible risk of collision with other children who are playing.
  • In installations there should be no more than two seats per unit and they should be adapted to the age of the children.
  • Before use, check the condition of hooks, chains and seats with arrest.


The resbalines are safe if children use them with caution. Among the safety measures that must be present:

  • Previously reviewed the State of the sliding surface, tilt and the location of the game (ideally a place that not you Sun directly for that game not this hot surface).
  • We must look at the height of the starting area, i.e., in that the section of output and braking of the sliding is sufficient so that the child comes out slowly and be standing comfortably.
  • Children should climb the rungs of the ladder one by one, holding onto a rail, until you reach the top of the sliding. They should never climb the ramp.
  • Children should always slide position and with feet-first, never head, is on the back or stomach.
  • Only a child must be in the ramp; children must not slip through in group.
  • Before slipping, children should be sure that the lower end of the sliding is free. Arriving at the end of the ramp, must get off and move away from the ramp so other children can slide without danger.

Rocker arms

In the seesaw game requires the children to cooperate, so generally are not recommended for preschoolers, unless you have a device dock station which prevents sudden impact against the ground.

Regardless of design, both the seesaws and merry-go-rounds must be used with caution.

  • As on the swings, in the only rocker seating a child can sit at each end. If a child weighs too little to compensate for the weight of your partner, you must find another child with a similar to his weight, never to add another person to your rocker seat.
  • Children always should sit one in front of another, without giving back.
  • The child must hold firmly with both hands while using the game, should not touch the ground with your hands or boost with them.
  • The child must keep feet on both sides of the game, never under the same.
  • They should never placed under a rocker in use, get standing, swaying from the central part or trying to jump on the rocker while it is moving. Children must be away from the rocker while others use it.


  • Climbing structures are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, including the arches and the horizontal and vertical ladders.Usually this type of facilities pose to older children challenges than other recreational facilities.
  • Make sure that the child down safely when you can not complete the climbing. The highest rates of injury in public playgrounds are associated with this type of structures, which can be dangerous if they are not well designed or if used in an improper way. The adult supervision is especially important when young children use them.
  • These structures can be used safely if it teaches children to hold on with both hands, keep a certain distance from the person before and to beware of hanging toes that are moving.
  • To release the bar, children must to jump to the ground without hitting the structure. Remind children that they should land on both feet and your knees slightly bent.
  • It can be dangerous and that there are too many children in the same structure at the same time. Everyone should start from the same side of the structure and move in the same direction.
  • On the descent, children must be careful with those who are going up; You should never racing or trying to reach some bars that are too far away.
  • Children under 5 years may not have in the upper part of the body the strength to climb and only they should be allowed to climb in facilities appropriate for their age. Preschool children should only climb up to a height of 1.5 m and school-age children should only go up to a height of 2.1 m.
  • In general, all games should watch children to make a correct and safe use and have appropriate behavior.
  • No pushing or struggling while playing.
  • Use the facilities properly
  • When leaving the recreational facilities of a jump, always check that there is no child in the place where they hope to fall.
  • Stop bicycles, backpacks and bags away playground and recreational facilities for which no child tripped over them and fall.
  • Check the status of some installations during the months of summer, especially the resbalines, swing or rocker arms that have metal parts. They can be uncomfortable and even be dangerous for the hot coming.
  • Make sure that there are no spaces which could be trapped head, arm, or any other part of the body of the child in the facilities.All openings of the facilities must measure less than 9 cm or having a width exceeding 23 cm.
  • Climbing nets must have openings that are not narrow enough so that the child’s body may pass through or enough wide as so can stay attached head. Networks with a 43-46 cm perimeter holes imply a risk of strangulation.
  • Facilities that have moving parts, such as the seesaws and merry-go-rounds, should be checked to verify that there are no points where the child could hold hands or fingers.
  • Users of the games should not wear clothing with laces or Twine. Shoelaces, necklaces or other types of filaments can get engaged in the facilities and accidentally strangle a child.
  • Apply a sunscreen lotion when they go to play in the open air, even cloudy days, to avoid sunburn.

An Israeli lawyer gave the floor to the Palestinians

Michael Sfard grew up in Jerusalem without contact with Palestinians who lived across the street where he lived, in the Arab part of the city. In high school, he studied English and French, not Arabic. It was a fairly typical Israeli education, largely isolated from the harsh realities of half a century of Israeli rule over the Palestinians.

However, since he opened his own firm, Sfard has become one of the most effective advocates of Palestinian rights, he argued and won high-profile cases in the Supreme Court of Israel. Important victories include forcing the government to dismantle a large West Bank settlement pirate and reroute the separation wall Israel along some stretches to restore farmland to the Palestinian people.

The unlikely champion of the oppressed says he is trying to make a better Israel, and no progress on the Palestinian national cause.

“I’m not a Palestinian freedom fighter,” Sfard said. “I am an Israeli lawyer fighting to strengthen human rights in Israel and the territories it occupies and represent my clients as best I can.”

It’s a strange attitude in a country where the majority seems indifferent to what is happening in East Jerusalem or the West Bank and supports the expansion of settlements on government land Palestinians want for a state.

But it is a role that suits the temperament of Sfard.

“I’ve always been a guy that has focused something to tell people,” Sfard said, whose grandparents survived the Holocaust and his father was imprisoned for his struggle for democracy in communist Poland in the 1960s.

His legal activism grew out of the crisis that affected the peace camp in Israel after the collapse of peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians and the outbreak of an armed Palestinian uprising in 2000. After these setbacks together, the center- lost power and left many Israelis lost faith in the possibility of a partition agreement. “We have no partner for peace” became a Generalized regret – some might say that served to justify the selfish act itself – even within the Israeli left.

Grassroots groups began to fill the political vacuum. Some joined the weekly Palestinian protests against the separation wall that appropriates nearly 10 percent of the West Bank. Israeli Machsom Watch women founded the group, standing at the checkpoints of the Israeli army to control the treatment of the Palestinians.

Sfard began his practice in 2004. A year later, Sfard and several women of Machsom Watch organization Yesh Din established -in Hebrew “There is justice” – to take the battle for human rights in the courts.

The Supreme Court has often ruled in favor of the Israeli government, especially when safety arguments were hoisted to defend controversial policies, such as targeted killings of suspected militants.

But it has also served as a last resort for human rights defenders.

“I think my personal experience shows that it is possible to obtain at least some remedy, even in the court of the occupant,” Sfard said.

Sfard continues a tradition begun decades earlier by the legendary lawyers and Leah Tzemel Felicia Langer, and is widely respected among Palestinians for their dedication.

But increasingly, the practice for profit of Sfard on the sandy south of Tel Aviv is becoming the office that deals with important cases, especially against outposts and the separation wall. Its main clients include Yesh Din, funded by European governments, as well as monitoring does Peace Now and Breaking the Silence on settlements. Breaking The Silence is a group that gathers the testimonies of the soldiers serving in the West Bank.

On a recent morning, Sfard filed with the Supreme Court in the case of Amona, one of the oldest and largest among dozens of outposts settlers established in the West Bank since the late 1990s, without formal government approval but with its tacit blessing and financial support.

The large sunlit room filled with settlers from Amona and children. Hillel Vidal, a resident of 31 years, Sfard said he considers a threat to their way of life.

“He is a man who lives trying to destroy my house wins,” Vidal said. “He wants to bring down the Jewish people as much as possible and grow the Arabs.”

The Government did not argue about that Amona was built illegally on private Palestinian land. In 2006, troops razed nine houses in Amona after clashes with some 5,000 settlers and their supporters, but dozens of trailers have been maintained.

The government has postponed dismantling the rest of the advanced, despite court deadlines. In a further complication, the settlers said they had purchased part of the land of the outpost which is seated in a claim, this argument, Sfard claims based on forged documents.

Six Sfard customers could not reach the hearing last week because, according to the lawyer said, Israel issued entry permits to Jerusalem, a requirement for all West Bankers.

Two others, Ibrahim Yakoub, of 51años and Hami Atallah, 61, came to court. After the hearing, Sfard answered their questions and their comments in Hebrew were translated into Arabic by a volunteer from Yesh Din.

Abdel Rahman Saleh, mayor of Silwad, one of the people who lost land for the settlement of Amona, said he has faith in Sfard because “he is a child of the system and knows the mechanisms.”

Sfard acknowledged that being male, Ashkenazi Jew – traditional attributes of the elite of Israel – has helped him in court. However, people like the Israeli attorney Nitzana Darshan-Leitner, a lawyer who litigates against Palestinian militant organizations, says Sfard struggle for Palestinian rights is a mistake.

“In a state of conflict, can not give both parties equal rights,” Darshan-Leitner said. “Sometimes it’s a situation of them or us. If he comes to defend definitely hurts us.”

Although still passionate about human rights, married and father of two rights, he said it should diversify.

He recently helped one of the biggest nightclubs in Tel Aviv to remain open after police tried to close on suspicion of drug trafficking on the premises. Sfard said: “I have more invitations to Facebook friends after this case that for all my cases of human rights”.

Cultural and creative project management

It is clear that culture as part of the immense heritage of Nations, moreover, represents a significant source of foreign exchange and employment. Exports of goods and creative services in the world reached about 406,000 million dollars in 2008, according to the IDB. The creative economy of the 2010 UNESCO report, indicates, for example, that the creative industries occupy 21% of the labour force in Brazil, while it generates 9% of the GDP of Buenos Aires, while in Colombia participate in 4% of its GDP. No doubt these flattering figures indicate a promising path in Latin America and the Caribbean for a new professional who observed the profitable business opportunity in cultural manifestations. It is the “cultural project manager”.

Important organizations such as PMI ® and its national chapters, then universities in their curricula, as well as the public in the company of private care institutions, taking into account the possibilities that are revealed and transferred and applied its arsenal of knowledge, techniques, tools and best practices to generate confidence around pre investment studies installation, Assembly, execution and implementation underway to ensure the sustainability of the “cultural project”.

It is not easy to accept the challenge of reconciling intangible and immaterial expressions characterising the cultural manifestations (values, traditions, language, roots, idiosyncrasy, customs, history, institutions, legislation, attitudes, myths, legends, heritage, carnivals, architecture, arts, crafts, beliefs, knowledge, fashion, gastronomy, etc.), and the tools of commercial products. We want to venture into the theme making an approach to the concept of culture in its most universal sense, to approximate it to its condition of economic good through calls “cultural industry”, which by its status as such, and derived from the competition to play a clientele that is willing to pay a price, is governed by the rules of the game of the market.Therefore, that culture as other goods and services in a highly competitive environment, is necessary to promote it through the “management of cultural projects”.

As it happens in so-called investment or development projects, cultural character must demonstrate its relevance, feasibility and opportunity, for this reason required that they are written and disseminated and diffused in the niches of interest through its corresponding “business plans”. The above is derived from the importance of a “qualified Manager”, not only with orientation and artistic or creative vocation, but with appropriate and reliable links enabling it to listen and persuade potential private investors, to the institutions responsible for the design and execution of public policies relevant to the culture, to national and international development, sensitive to these issues credit or cooperation agencies in order to seek and consolidate the necessary alliances that ensure coordination with academic bodies and public or private entities exercising leadership in the field of culture.

The creative economy represented by the cultural industries manifests itself as a dynamic sector and constantly growing. Some of cultural property aligned within the industrial logic, such as cinema, television, videos, books, music have found a strategic partner and strong support in new technologies, designing forms and structures that facilitate its production, reproduction and marketing, and widespread access. However, it is worth insisting, given its origin in the talent, creativity, the artistic vein and spiritual values, that culture is not limited to an industrial version, nor is it simply a matter exclusively commercial or market, it is also a tool of social cohesion, of affirmation of identity and recovery of ancestral values We reiterate.

It is necessary then, to assume a position of balance that it reconcile spiritual and creative nature and their required presence in competitive markets, resulting in the adoption of universal rules and regulation mechanism and copyright, to respect the free flow of creative ideas without ignoring the fundamental principles of the trade on how much access and competitiveness , as mechanisms of expansion and creative diversification, and obviously, freedom of choice, the citizen, among a range of cultural diversity and pluralism.

The cultural field, as well as health, education, the economy, communications, infrastructure, justice, security, industry, trade, etc., used somehow to develop their activities according to the parameters and guidelines for creative project management tools, which refers to a series of systematic and methodological rigours aimed to achieve a desirable goal.

The basic functions of planning (which determines the best course to follow); Organization (defined procedures and structure); address (sets and categorizes the fields of decision-making) and control (check that the action is carried out according to plan and the measurement of performance in relation to the targets), that make possible the success of the management of projects, driven by a strategic vision. In our complex modern corporate and institutional environment is required, rather than organize, learn to manage. It is then essential to increase and widen in society, access to culture both in the creation and enjoyment, and turn it into an effective vehicle for integration and social inclusion through project management.

Any activity that is supplied in the society requires suitable professionals to ensure results. From the planning, execution, Assembly and implementation up to the ex-post evaluation, are needed (drivers or promoters) project managers trained to apply best practices to comply with the proposed objectives.

In the case of the promotion and dissemination of culture and the arts, is identified to the “management of cultural projects”, women and men, which should bring a wealth of knowledge in political, aesthetic, social, economic, technical and administrative terms with respect to the various fields of culture and the arts. You must also deploy a series of personal and social skills such as creativity, leadership, negotiating skills, adopt a proactive attitude and spirit prone to teamwork, that unequivocally affect the achievements that can be achieved.

Each phase of the cycle of the project requires knowledge and up-to-date information originating from different disciplines and areas of action, such as cultural policy; legislation (in particular the regime of copyright and rights related to the artistic and archaeological heritage, places of cultural deposit such as museums, archives and libraries, and the regime of cinematographic and audiovisual activities); national and international funding sources; institutions, leaders and developers; and obviously, the dynamics surrounding the Organization, production and dissemination of cultural events.

Finally it’s professionals (managers of cultural projects) they observe in various creative activities business opportunities, facilitating the encounter between those who possess the talent and vocation and those who have resources, skills and sense of smell, as well as sensitivity to turn cultural products into economic goods.

Perhaps the “project manager” is the professional that adds more value to the economy. In fact, when you see a good idea, elaborates it, dimensions it and appreciates it, gets additional information and builds elements allowing you to recommend or take a weighted decision. If this leads to not carry out the project, creates value to avoid investments and costs in an action that did not provide guarantees of success. If the decision is to implement the project creates value by having more later from a new installed capacity available for their operation. Its operation ensures value for owners and, obviously for the community to receive a good or a service that previously did not have.

Lessons learned and best practices arising from the ex-post evaluation, are also an added value that society will receive through future projects. As we can observe in the different stages of the cycle of the project (pre-investment, execution, operation and ex-post evaluation) is generated and ensures value permanently. Why we say that the project is the most suitable mechanism of generation and assurance of value, and the cultural project manager professional who leverages the creative expressions as a means of making profitable business for the company.

Given the wide and diverse range of projects that fit into the conception accepted culture, from the construction and manning of museums and libraries, to the Organization of popular concerts, passing through the rigors involved in the Organization of a work of theater and its staging, to expensive and urgent deployment involved in the filming of a movie and the subsequent steps of promotion and presentation to the end user. The Organization of a brigade technical scientist to listen the ancestral values of the discovery of ruins, until the formation of a Youth Orchestra, as a strategy to ban the temptation of crime, suggested all sorts of projects that need to be managed, in order to give them life and ensure their penetration into society, as a consistent effect on the well-being of the communities.

Why society and communities claim agencies, guilds and organizations specialized in project management, putting all its wide range of tools, experiences and procedures at the service of cultural values, since Latin America and the Caribbean have the opportunity to make an important engine for development of creativity.

Staff Benda Bilili, a band that overcomes disability with music

Group of musicians with poliomyelitis, Staff Benda Bilili, has achieved great success in the world with its energy-laden melodies

Discapacitados por la poliomielitis, los principales miembros de Staff Benda Bilili rasguean las guitarras desde sus sillas de ruedas (CNN).
Disabled by polio, key members of Staff Benda Bilili rasguean guitars from their wheelchairs (CNN).

Every week CNN International African Voices highlights Africa more attractive personalities, exploring the lives and passions of people who rarely open before the camera.

(CNN)- From the streets of Kinshasa to tours with tickets sold out across Europe, a group of artists with disabilities being songs with claw and an uplifting message to the fans of the music beyond the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Disabled by polio since childhood, key members of Staff Benda Bilili rasguean guitars from their wheelchairs tocreate memorable melodies which Congolese classical tunes mixed with reggae and funk rhythms.

After spending years making a living on the streets, the talents of the musicians was finally discovered in 2004 by a pair of French filmmakers, Florent de La Tullaye and Renaud Barret. The duo was hypnotized by the electrifying sound of the band and decided to help him record his first album, as well as to capture on film their daily struggle in the suburbs of the capital of the country.

Staff Benda Bilili, which translates as ‘look beyond appearances’, completed their first album Très très Fortin 2009 to critical acclaim, while Barrett and La Tullaye,Benda Bilili, film was one of the successes in the Cannes Film Festival for the last year.

The winning combination of fascinating presentations live, an album of international fame and a film documenting his extraordinary story, has moved to the global audiences, changing the lives of these Congolese musicians.

“Our family life is good,” says band leader Ricky Likabu.“The children go to school, we have houses, I am no longer on the street. I have left the street. “I have a plot of land, a House, a car for travel, a wheelchair what more can I ask for?”

Likabu says he was not initially aware that life as a professional musician was a possibility.

He says: “whenever it sought to make music by my friends and to work, the answer was: ‘ you are disabled.”How to you convert you musician? If you’re disabled, what will do? You can not dance ‘ “.”

“I was very surprised by this, was very disappointed.”

But Likabu refused to let his dream die. Motivated by his deep love for the music, it brought together related musicians that had grown, and together, they began to play outside Kinshasa luxury restaurants.

The band’s sound has been compared with that of the Buena Vista Social Club and Fela Kuti. But the inspiration of Likabu to have success and a worthy life goes back to a night in Kinshasa more than 30 years ago.

The energy remains because we see that we are doing well and that everything will be OK

Ricky Likabu, leader of Staff Benda Bilili

“In 1974, by the time that (Muhammad) Ali and (George) Foreman boxeaban in our country, I also saw a musician called James Brown, who had come to play”, recalls.

“I was really moved by it. So since then I started to make music… I saw it and I thought: ‘ Oh, that’s great. I’m going to make music too ‘ “.”

Since then, Staff Benda Bilili has done international tours and has entertained audiences at major festivals such as Womad and Glastonbury.

The main members of the band are accompanied by a rhythm section acoustic and talents outstanding soloists such as Roger Landu, a former child of the street that shoot their own electrifying satonge, an instrument of a single rope that designed and built from a Tin and a guitar string.

“Music is my life: music, everything has been possible for me”, said Likabu.

“Power came when we discovered that we like you people, and we think that our music is strong, so we must follow,” he says. “The energy remains because we see that we are doing well and that everything will be fine.”

Staff Benda Bilili sings about topics close to his heart, such as polio, the disease that left many of the members of the band with disabilities.

“That’s why I am now a Messenger delivering this notice to parents: that must not simply leave their children as they are”, said Likabu.

“They have to detect disease before it reaches their children. “They have to immunize their children, so that’s the message: parents should bring their children to the doctor so that they receive the vaccine”.

Likabu is convinced that the message is coming and people are slowly changing their views about people with disabilities.

“They understand, because before the disabled were there asking for food, and have now begun to work and to make music. So yeah, things are changing”.

When a wine is accompanied by good music…


Many people will agree that wine and music are two gifts of life that usually lend themselves to combine quite well. However, until recently nobody had been interested in scientifically test the benefits of this merger.

American Heriot Watt University recently conducted a study with 250 students whose basic conclusion is that listening to music with a good wine, improves its flavor up to 36%. The trial becomes even determine what style of music is best associated with each type of wine with very interesting results.

Another enthusiast of this idea is Clark Smith, Vinovation company based in California, dedicated to innovation in the wine sector. The Arte, argues that music significantly alters the taste of the wine and came to propose different optimal associations of music and wine based is its tests.

Experiments aside, it is obvious that both music and wine affect feelings and emotions. For this reason, it is easy to guess that the symbiosis of both can alter our feelings regarding one or the other. For example, a Seattle liquor, accompanied by appropriate music could significantly improve the perception we have of it. Now, is it so easy to determine these combinations as suggested by these studies? Possibly not. Tastes tend to be very subjective.

Even recognizing the difficulty of sorting or matching a successful wine and music, the truth is that most wine lovers agrees that the environment where tasting is produced has a decisive influence in his appreciation. This can also work in reverse: a good wine can make music that sounds seem better.

The world of the senses is complex and all studies in this field will always find criticism and praise. However, if there is something of which we can be sure is from our own experience.

Cole & Weber, very special wine packaging

Many department stores are beginning to speak of closeness holiday Christmas. It is commonplace every year at the end of the summer. In reality it is not so long, and quite a few of us will be the first to hold the buying typical gifts for commitment that we usually do. Gifts that, in many cases, end up in the trash or being changed with the ticket so appreciated gift.

I am of those who think there is no better way to celebrate Christmas than enjoying a good wine in the heat of a warm fireplace. It may be an endearing family time, or the most romantic dinner. What better moment to sit with a bottle of wine by the fire that the long, cold days of winter? How to conjugate the wine, winter, and a detail that we can remember life? It seems that Cole & Weber has thought about this.

Cole & Weber packaging

The agency designed this great packaging to retain their best customers. Consisted of a piece of pine with carved inside so it came perfectly wine bottle. It also included a box of matches and a few instructions. They indicated how take the container to the fireplace, turn it with own matches and enjoy a glass of wine in the heat of the fire. Ingenious and successful, right? Not only is smart and curious, also is practical, useful, and very special.

Cole & Weber packaging 2

Long ago talked of seven best wine packagings. Some were really eye-catching. But certainly this deserves to be part of them. Good packaging not only protects and preserves, also advises and sells.Behind each design like this, there is much work back, hundreds of ideas and proposals that are on the way. This time the container can be the backdrop to generate an experience that goes far beyond the own consumption.

Think about it, the wine can be a great gift this year. After seeing this, do not you want you enjoy a glass of wine in front of the fireplace? Sure also to all your loved ones. The Agency Seattle Cole & Weber United puts at your fingertips a round experience. Remember this: you do not purchase the wine, shopping time.

vino chimenea

You can find a wide range of wines and drinks at online store Snoqualmie wine, all of them with care and representative packagings.


Hollywood is no stranger to the war moviesIn fact, this was one of the first genres to appear on the big screen at the beginning of the 20th century. Unfortunately, numerous wars have lived during the history of mankind, from Biblical times to the Second World War and many others. All of them have been taken to the cinema, but within this warmongering is a sub-genre of films underexploited: that of the modern warfare.

There are relatively few films of this era and theme compared with masterpieces of the world wars, Viet Nam and the Civil War of United States – among others-. Often we need to ponder a conflict and see its consequences to really be able to place it in a cultural context in a movie, what could be the reason why the genre of modern warfare has left see little compared with that inspired by the more ancient history.

Despite this, there are good films of modern military conflicts (blood and shrapnel, of survival, of “dispatches”…), and MovieTubeNow have decided to draw up this list with that consider the top ten.

10. behind the lines enemy (2001)

As you’ve been able to guess by the title of the film, after the line enemy is the history of an officer shot and trapped in floor enemy. Based on the war in Bosnia,Owen Wilson plays Chris Burnett, an officer of flight shot down in that country who discovers that it is underway, in secret, a terrible genocide.

Although the film is above all a tape of action, is based in part on a true story: in 1995, a captain of the US air force’s name Scott O’Gradywas shot down in Bosnia, where he survived for nearly a week before being rescued by Marines. The presence of Gene Hackman as the Admiral who tries to organize the rescue mission for Burnett gives the film a higher packing.

9. in honor of the truth (1996)

Veteran of the war genre that made us enjoy with the epic and dramatic times of glory, Edward Zwick joined the Gulf war with this film starring Denzel Washingtonand Meg RyanWashington plays the Colonel Nat Serling, who mistakenly gives the order to shoot a tank friend, killing a comrade, Captain Boylar. The incident is hidden by the army and Serling instructed a new task.

When Serling is assigned the work of determining whether the deceased Captain Walden (Ryan) should receive the Medal of Honor posthumously, it is another cover-up, which led him to deal with his own guilt over the death of Captain Boylar. It is a captivating drama that tries to redefine the courage and portray the value from a point of view away from the battle.

8. Jarhead: Hell awaits (2005)

Jarhead, by the director Sam Mendesis an adaptation of the autobiography ofAnthony Swofford of the same name. Account the history of young people sent to the Persian Gulf under the operation Desert Shield who have to deal with the isolation of their base. Swofford is skillful and convincingly portrayed by Jake Gyllenhaal, who offers a powerful performance that allows us to see the internal destruction suffered by Swofford.

It is also surprising how Jarhead manages to keep relatively apolitical; It does not comment on the war itself, but rather it shows the effects of the deployment of these soldiers on those lands.

7 Top Gun (1986)

Although one can say that he is more remembered for its soundtrack and its excellent volleyball scene, Top Gun, of the deceased Tony Scottstays still as one of the most intense modern military films. Flight scenes are beautifully engraved and are quite exciting, and the – Maverick, Goose, Iceman and Charlie – characters are interesting and Nice.

Top Gun tells us, mainly, the story of a Maverick (Tom Cruise) who learns a little humility duelargely, to the unfortunate death of his colleague and best friend Goose.It is not the most realistic or contemplative film that exists in this genre, but yes is probably the most fun.

6-The Messenger (2009)

The Messenger is a military film set in the modern era that addresses a deeply uncomfortable work and seldom considered. Stars it Ben Foster and Woody Harrelson, who embody two officers who reported deaths. The Sergeant Montgomery (Foster), who just returned home from Iraq, together with Captain Stone (Harrelson). Both should give the tragic news to the families of the soldiers who lost their lives on the battlefield.

It is a delicate subject that its director, Oren Moverman, trafficking with subtlety, supported by the incredible force of its protagonists.

5. the sole survivor (2013)

Collecting the witness of the visceral force that downed Black Hawk left,the only survivorPeter Berg, tells the true story of Navy SEALMarcus Luttrell (Mark Wahlberg) and his team, who are assigned the task of locating the whereabouts of the taliban Ahmad Shah leader; However, not everything goes as they had expected… Despite being a fast trip, the only survivor does not lose emotional intensity.

It also benefits from the fact of being able to represent the brutal horror of war from all angles without feeling the need to comment on it. Very often films similar to the sole survivor trapped in the political message and leave aside people – soldiers giving their lives; Luckily Berg manages to avoid this completely.

4. a few good men (1992)

Aaron Sorkin and Rob Reiner teamed to give life to this classic of Jack Nicholson andTom Cruise based on the play by Sorkin. Revolves around a case in which two Marines have been accused of murdering a colleague’s body.

Some good men, with both players in top form, he starts a game of accusations and campaigns of vilification, sprinkled with dialogues to the patented sentimentality of Reiner and Sorkin style. He also manages to emphasize what a Marine makes a Marine, even under the more serious accusations.

3. on hostile ground (2008)

Most of the films on this list have a considerable dose of action, but few balanced action with drama and reflective exploration of the character as the phenomenal in hostile landof Kathryn BigelowThe tape presents, painful way, the effects of the current Iraq war on those who are fighting there, camaraderie that arises, the lives that destroys and addictions that generates. Jeremy Renner carries out a triumphant performance embodying hard Sergeant first class William James.

On hostile ground also stands out for its ability to maintain the sense of chaos in the action scenes, but without losing sight of what it is trying to show you. It is extremely well built, both visually and structurally.

2. the darkest night (2012)

This new film from Kathryn Bigelow was even better than its predecessor, in hostile land.The darkest night staged the best-known military operation in modern history, the search for Osama bin Laden after the attack of September 11 in New York, United States. Despite the controversy surrounding his interrogation scenes, the film explores in fascinating way the hunt for the most evil terrorist leader led by the hypnotic Jessica Chastain.

Bigelow again exhibits his inclination by the scenes of action and drama in the final siege of the hideout of Bin Laden. On hostile ground he resisted making judgments about the war on terror, while the darkest night is much more direct when it comes to question whether it was worth the price paid by catch Bin Laden.

1 Black Hawk downed (2001)

It is the most exciting and spectacular military film made to date. The influential Black Hawk knocked-down of Ridley Scott It manages to show the absolute terrors of the war at the same time that the dedication and value of U.S. soldiers. Set in the battle of Mogadishu, the film is based on the eponymous book by Mark Bowden, a chronicle of the events told by the participants in the conflict.

The film is a creepy portrait of combat in tight spaces, the spontaneity of the war and the difficult decisions that the soldiers are forced to take in the battle. He doesn’t bother to dedicate much time to introduce you to the characters, simply because there’s no time.The tape begins released and just gives truce until its conclusion. The representation of violence is unpleasant, and nevertheless manages to be a patriotic example of modern war film.

Things that we miss cinemas before

Cerrado para siempre

Without a doubt, going to the movies is one of the activities most enjoyed from kids: in childhood, there is more opportunity to live with the family; in youth, it is a foolproof strategy to get closer to love (who not has gone to the movies on the first date?), and now adults, can be our best escape from the daily routine.

However, the experience is changing according to the times. Before, going to the movies was very different from as it is now, because there are certain things which already do not occur in the halls today, and frankly, we miss them. For that reason, then we offer you a list of what the time was of Cinematographers:

-Could stay to remain voluntary and see the same movie two or three times, or until flat buttocks sleep yourself.

-Of escuincle, before starting the film, nothing like go in front of the room (abajito screen) and shoot as leno on the floor, which for some strange reason was slightly inclined.There were, even, children playing luchitas or fighting in this area, especially if they were watching Karate Kid.

-It was possible to get your cakes made at home, your chescos, one that other candy and there was no anger.

-Before chosing a film to watch, remember to check the information about actors, actress, content, etc… in order to make sure that you really interested in watching the movie. My advice is that youtube on fire is a good site to visit.

-Of course, the huge pantallotas where projected films: nothing to do with today’s thumbnails.

-The classic faje exaggerated: you could, how not, lend fax at the highest level, until the ears are put red red and entrecortaran breaths.

-Street vendors who sold everything to do with the movie on the outskirts of the campus: figures, caps, t-shirts, posters and bracelets… Now, super official articles with very little variety and expensive cigars.

-The halls of cinema: some were a delight to the senses. For example, who does not remember the classic reasons that adorned the Metropolitan.

-The angry cries of the respectable when something went wrong in the function: “Cacarooooo!” This trade is undoubtedly one of the many that they did not survive to modern times.

-Can’t miss the rigorous intermediate to make the waters and buy shackles in bulk in the vending machine.

-”Two batches for a ticket”, one could read in the bright and magnificent canopies of most super-capitals cinemas, as well as the attractive posters of the most absent.

-The sound of the footwear of the attendees through the sticky floor of halls; call us crazy, tell us sick, but that little noise in the dark evokes an entire era (snif, snif!).

-The curtain that, invariably, ran for cover or discover the screen where the film was projected: all a sign of class and elegance, or as said the classics: “of superior!”.

-The atmosphere in the room, full of magic and free of annoying cell phones which, in a way more impertinent, hurt good taste and spoil the function.

-Popcorn natural, for today there is much difference between a handful of paloflies and a bite of butter bar: greasy as you left the buchaca.

-Architecture: who admired not the imposing facade of the Opera cinema or the art deco of the Teresa!, we forget the form of cinema Lindavista Castle!

-Spacious rooms, that would fit about 20 of the now. Cinema Orfeón, mention a case, had almost 6,000 seats.

-Prices: indeed, it is increasingly more a luxury going to the movies (mostly family); the stunt was before, a little more accessible.

-Photographers who, out of the function, stalked to the lovebirds to surprise them with the snapshot of the memory.

As you can see, Dear chilango, from yesterday to today there is a big stretch, already rained, stopped, and we returned to pour. And already entered in nostalgia, desembucha your experiences in the cinemas yesterday: what yearn more than what the time was?

Do I earn money answering surveys or fraud?

Among the many opportunities that Internet brings to our home, is the possibility of making money online. But while everyone would like to increase our revenues in our free time, doing something that we remove little time, sometimes proposals generate some distrust; Sometimes you hear simply too good to be true.

Make money answering surveys is one of the possibilities of the web, and is an activity that generates many questions to all Internet users. Fear of fraud and scam is present in all areas of Internet, and it makes sense: with so many choices, finding a honest and legitimate site can be like finding a needle in a haystack. And even more so when the advertising promises to returns disproportionate for simple tasks.

The fundamental maxim of every Internet user should apply common sense. In this case, some basic knowledge about marketing tells us that polls are an important part of market research, present in all serious brand strategy.

But, at the same time, it makes us notice that any brand will pay significant sums for something so simple. We must sharpen the aim to find a site that combines the revenue and seriousness.

How can I earn money answering surveys?

Once it has the willingness and time to make money answering surveys the first thing to do is find an ideal place to undertake this activity.

Here it is, again, when the fear of is fraud, and have to be careful. To avoid problems, you should take into account some characteristics that identify a little serious company or who might be offering more than then it will provide:

  • If the proposal to answer online surveys comes from a spamtype email, probably not a reliable site; Typically, they offer fantastic sums and then ask for a deposit of money in Exchange for the list of sites that made the investment.
  • A legitimate page of surveys will be presented in a transparent manner, giving the name of one of its leaders and offering a query page. Normally, the institutional web pages do not contain advertising or advertising messages, but only presented to the members, and the vision and aim of the company.
  • It is of utmost importance to investigate site that one associate. Although market research companies are usually not very popular except in the business field, get critical information provided by clients, media, or sites specializing in marketing.

It should not be forgotten that the possibility to make money answering surveys and, above all, the figures that we achieve, depends on the time that each is willing to devote to the task. The reality is that probably a user fails to sustain this activity, but yes to increase their income. Gane Dinero Con Encuestas

Answer surveys is not complicated, the only trick is to find a safe place and that make possible a constant work flow.

Get click here to go to Survey Cool and start to enjoy free time and money with your family. I recommend it very much :)

You too can tell fortunes

Hello dear readers, hello dear readers. I hope everyone is well. There are a few times, I explained how it quacks took you to achieve psychological analyzes glaring truth in a glance through the Barnum effect . I hope I have shown that there has rock rip-off, and that the magazine tests are only platitudes and banalities.

However, this article was only a foretaste of what is to follow, as the Barnum effect is one of the techniques used by fortune tellers to get money for their naive victims.

The complete technique I will explain is called the cold reading , or cold reading in good French. We talk about cold reading when doing without knowing in advance about the victim. Otherwise, we will talk about hot reading. Once you have read through this post, you will understand how to take the lights seem to read your mind and predict your future. You don’t need to go to California Psychics to tell the future.

Some ethics

Beware of charlatans. You should know that cold reading is a technique that is not magic, but none the less very powerful, and can strongly impress.

Some people use it to distract their neighbors, and use their art in a spectacular and fun purposes. They do not take advantage of the naivety of the person in front of them, and sometimes even help to solve its problems in the listening more than anything else . Then there is no harm.

Others, however, have no scruples, claim to have super powers , and sometimes abusing defenseless people for their extort large sums of money .

Suffice to say that these people should be avoided at all costs. That’s why it’s good to know their technique to demystify them. Also if you know of naive people who spend money in fortune tellers, do not hesitate to read this article, you will thus help them (and you will do me the pub :)).

That said, are you ready to enter the world of clairvoyance and fortune?We begin to talk about the necessary prerequisite for a good read. Then we will study the actual technique. Follow the leader.

Build a relationship, establish the atmosphere

smoke swirls
Photo credit: Cheekybikerboy

In the cold-reading process is actually read about that does all the work 1 : good reading can take place without a total commitment from him. It is necessary thatthe subject be confident vis-à-vis capactités “Psychics” drive , so it is necessary to establish relationship and gain the prestige that will allow him to do his work.

To do this, most readers adopt a role according to their physical, allowing them to seem extravagant or at least different, without seeming threatening. It’s the cliché of the famous “Madame Irma.”

Readers will also have an interest in working in a dedicated environment, theatrical , that will plunge the subject in a mysterious atmosphere, even mystical (full trailer smoke, for example). They sometimes use accessories (crystal ball, tarot cards, palmistry). These accessories are involved in the atmosphere, and allow some loopholes. A reader who thinks mine will observe his crystal ball.

The other advantage of some accessories is that they are used to guide the search immediately, with questions like “Would you prefer that I start with the heart line, or the line of wealth? »

In short, remember that it is vital to obtain full membership of the subject before you begin. The aggressive skeptics are the worst subjects, is better then stop everything.

Statistics on your fingertips

A good cold reader should know on his fingertips … statistics! Indeed, during playback, you will sometimes launch “at random” predictions. You will have many more chances to get it right if your prediction stick to the stats .

Hmm … I see a woman. I see his name. It starts with an N. Nadia. No, Nathalie!

Hmm, that’s an indicator that does not get wet too, insofar as Nathalie is one of the most popular names in the 1960s . Come on, raise your hand, those of you who do not know at least one Nathalie?

You understand the value of integrating all data, covering marriage, divorce, family life, fatherhood, health, pets, popular first names by year, employment, housing , education, life expectancy, in short! Anything related to everyday life.

Thus, it will serve you well to know that many female names begin with M or L, or 70% of workers use computers.

The INSEE , the INSEE is your friend. And yes, we have to bone up. You have heard that clairvoyance was learned effortlessly?

A sense of observation at any event

Good fortune teller must have a sense of observation foolproof. It is possible to get a lot of information about a person simply from his appearance.

In seconds, you must be able to obtain age, socio-professional category, ethnicity, education, marital status, his passions, his lifestyle, religion, state of mind, height of his salary, and so on. The best cold readers are real profilers . This information is used later to guide the reading.

Here are some things to consider:

  • The jewels are very revealing. An alliance will reveal marital status easily. A beautiful ring finger of a young woman says she is probably a couple, and you can estimate their income based on the price of the ring. Some rings or necklaces have special meanings (affiliation, resorts, profession, religion, etc.). A ring in the ear of a man may mean that he wants to look younger, or that he is attentive to his appearance. A watch may indicate (sports, dear, digital or needle, big or small, etc.) A complete lack of jewelry is also significant (introverted personality, or “liberated”)
  • The clothes are also rich in information. The origin of the clothes gives an idea of the person’s income level. Is it casual? Sporty? She works in an office? Is she in touch with customers? Is she introverted or extroverted? What image she wants to give her? Much information available.
  • Accessories : The person she has a laptop around the neck? This could indicate a need to stay connected to others. A leather briefcase?Maybe she works in an office? A handbag in fashion? A cane or crutches? A Fnac bag? Vieillotes of glasses or rather “fashion”? To you to deduce what there is behind.
  • It is important to get a good idea of the age of the person, as the interests and experiences vary over time (see below). A person who is younger than his age will be betrayed by her crow’s feet. Conversely, certain lifestyles are not very healthy old before.
  • The beauty of the person, even if the criterion is subjective, give valuable information. The very beautiful women, for example, intimidate men, and are seen as threats by their peers. They regret not to be valued for their other qualities. People in unattractive often have difficult relationships.
  • A person to speech fluid to vocabulary rich probably received a good education and a good salary. Conversely, slurred speech could mean lower intellectual faculties, a more difficult condition, and money worries.
  • The size, weight, musculature allow to have an idea of the lifestyle of the person. Is it sport or not? People smaller or larger than the average generally suffer. Sporty people generally have a healthier lifestyle, and comfortable income.
  • You can discover which picture is the person of herself by observinghis pace, his toilet . His hair is cut they well? Is shaven? Black under the nails? It must surely work manually, at the factory or in the garden? Calluses on the palms? Manual labor, for sure. The very short hair for a man? Maybe is it a policeman or fireman? Long hair? Maybe is it a teacher, musician, artist, etc. ?

In fact, there are so many things that can be inferred from the appearance of a person it would take a whole book to explain everything.Then carefully consider that it is still only supposition of probable assumptions, indices. No certainty is still possible. It is only to guide the reading .

Being psychologist

The eye of the beholder
Photo credit: Emmanuele Contini

You are observer? That’s good. But you will have other talents to become a fortune teller. In particular, a gift for psychology .For if we are all different, we do not belong less to the same species, and we operate more or less the same way .

You do not have the means to fulfill your patient a personality test (it would not be very serious). So you need to be smart and wise enter his mind, and soak up his personality .

Carl Jung , a Swiss psychiatrist, has done important work onpsychological types . According to his theory, our personality is determined by four functions (thinking, feeling, intuition, sensation) and two attitudes (introversion, extroversion). The introvert is the one that gets its energy from his inner world, resulting in a tendency to solitude and contemplation. The extrovert gets its energy from the outside world, hence a tendency to be more binder and expansive. Of course, it is only trends. Thus, a person could be 25% and 75% introverted extrovert.

Later, Myers Briggs, resuming the work of Jung, establish a new scale, theMBTI (Myers Biggs Type Indicator) , which is still very used today to establish psychological profiles.

The MBTI defined three levels in addition to the Introversion – extraversion as we have just seen:

  • E = Extraversion <-> I = Introversion: orientation of energy
  • Sensation S = <-> N = iNtuition: defines how information is collected, intuitively or through the senses
  • T = Thinking (thinking) <-> F = Feeling (sensation): how does one take its decisions rationally or “feeling”
  • J = Judgement (judgment) <-> P = Perception: defines the mode of action, how it is connected to the outside world.

In determining what box is more or less (this is still only trends) about you, you will get a great help to understand how it is perceived, how it batit its relationship to the world . In short, you have a good idea of what may look like his life.

The scale Introversion – Extraversion is probably the one that will help you the most. Introverts tend to prefer solitude to the crowd , have some old friends and activities such as reading or spend much time at their computers, and feel tired after a few social exchanges.

Extroverts prefer community activities, have an extensive network of contacts, the contact easier, and feel alone and tired when solitary activities .

We are not objective about ourselves

The classification is good, but it’s tedious. To save time, you should know that in fact most people have a very positive view of themselves and give themselves all the qualities of the world. If asked, most people will think (even if they do not say so) that they are far from stupid, nice, they have a good ability to solve problems, which can make them trust, they are honest, able to provide a lot of effort and hard work, observers and good at judging human nature, very sociable and that their presence is sought.

Sex of your subject influences the way he perceives . If it’s a woman, she will be pleased if you tell her that she is very attentive to the needs and feelings of others, has a good understanding of human nature, often put the needs of others (especially those of his family and relatives) before his own. It may only agree to it if you point out that it is not always appreciated at its true value, derives great satisfaction in helping others and is very intuitive.

If it is a man, you will get membership, saying he is confident, objective, logical, to a certain extent, it always respects its decisions and its principles, if he really wants to solve a problem, there succeed, and that it is attractive to women.

Finally, you will anchor guessing not too sure about you do not like to act without reason or understand what he does not like change without obvious benefits, and does not like to be manipulated or controlled by other.

The phases of life

Old woman with a picture
Photo: kk +

In addition to the points mentioned above, you should know that another important item affects our lives: our age. Our desires, our dreams, our aspirations, our experience is not the same at 20, 40 or 60 years .

While every life is unique, we all go through more or less the same phases and specific attacks occur at ages more or less similar (the teenage crisis, midlife crisis, it tells you something?). It is good to know these phases. So, as you have managed to assess the age of your subject, you will get another indication of what may be their questions and doubts.

To 20 years, the youth is in search of independence and seeks to take his place in the adult world away from her parents, physically and emotionally.

22 to 30 years, our topic will seek to take its place in the world and how to accomplish his dreams.

The period of thirty is usually a phase called into question his choices.Singles feel the need to cram those couples have cravings freedoms. The existence becomes more structured (buying a house, etc.), career took off, etc.

35 ~ 45 years is a period of transition: people discover they enter the second half of their lives. Health decreases, the body is no longer what it was. A major identity crisis is looming: stereotyped roles (husband / wife, employee) are not enough to define who we are. For singles without children, some “the last chance to feel” appears (especially in women).

After 45 ~ 50 years, life tends to stabilize. A revival appears, children are leaving, the identity problems are nearly solved.

And now, the technique

Everything you’ve read so far was somehow That a introduction 2 . Now let’s tackle the cold reading technique itself.

For a successful session of cold reading, ask yourself two questions:

  1. What is the problem of the subject?
  2. How can I reassure him?

People who consult seers and fortune tellers usually do because they have a problem and want to know what the future will bring. They need to be listened and reassured . Because you are not soothsayer (remember? No one can read the future), your work will be confined to predict all the happiness and prosperity of the world . That’s it? That’s it.

Never, never, never a fortuneteller you predict divorce, accident, misfortune or loneliness. This is not what people want to hear. They want to be told that yes, they will meet your soul mate. Yes, their health problem will be solved. Yes, they will make money. Yes, they manage to repay their debts. Yes, their child succeed assistance. Etc.

But if he wants to know the future, about you, he already knows his past and his present. If you want it to be happy with you and your predictions have credibility, it will have to prove to him that you too, you can read his past and guess how it got there.

A session is therefore conducted in three phases. First, you have to put your subject in trust and prove your donations. For that, you will use the information already collected. When he takes the game, you’ll be able to begin to guess what is its main focus. When you put your finger on it, you will enter the final phase, which is to reassure your subject by predicting him a lot of good things.

The first phase is quite simple: just flatter the subject using the Barnum effect . Re-read the article, it should be a formality.

The second phase is the most important . You will interact (I insist) with the subject, to get him to open up and give you the information you need.The more the subject will feel like you know a lot about it, the more likely you are to disclose other information.

For this, you will use two main techniques:

  1. The shotgunning (or shooting shotgun) is to provide about you a lot of vague assertions, and observe how he reacts and interpreter. In “shooting randomly” in all directions, you multiply your chances of hitting a nerve. Here are some examples:

    I see a woman in your pasé. It has no blood relationship with you. You are not always agreed with her. I feel that she will soon return to your life.

    I see a problem with a father figure in your family.Your father, uncle, cousin? I see black in his chest.

    I see initials, a N. And maybe a J. I feel that a person whose name begins with those letters will have a special role in your life.

    In all cases, your subject will be free to interpret this information as it sees fit. If necessary, you can encourage him with a phrase like “I see images, they probably mean more to you than to me. Please help me, and we discover new things about yourself. “

  2. The random shooting (I can not find the “official” name) is to issue vague statements and guesswork, so as to generate a response, usually unconscious of the subject. These responses are a real wealth of information for cold reader.

    I have the feeling that you have financial worries lately.

    I feel that someone special in your life occupies your mind right now.

    You work in progress right now. Something you need to accomplish before moving on.

    Such statements are never affirmations. They are formulated so as to leave room for interpretation, and generate a return (feedback) from the subject. This indeed, without even realizing it, will nod, frown, start, bending, nod, hold breath, bringing his chair, sighing, less blinking, stiff muscles, accelerate breathing, etc., indicating to the attentive reader if breaststroke wind or approaching its goal. So you will have to train yourself to be able to read body language .

    This is where it gets really funny: while 10 statements like these, 9 are false and only affects the point, this is the one that your subject will retain , through a psychological phenomenon called subjective validation or selective memory.

    By mixing these two techniques, you can gather information more specific about your topic. When you learn a new fact, store and wait your time wisely. When you know enough, get out the information you have stored, as if it was you who révéliez them . It’s magic, we believe that you are soothsayer. Recall that you knew .

Lost control
Credit: Emmanuele Contini

You will discover that most of those who consult seers have three main interests:sex / relationships, health, and money .The vast majority of problems you will encounter fit into one of these categories.Marriage, dating, loneliness, divorce, adultery, accidents, disease, healing (self or relatives), debt, gambling, investment, travel, flight, interest, are very classic.

If you’ve gotten this far, the last phase of the pie . Simply make a summary of everything you know, and make positive predictions that respond to queries from your subject. Of course, these predictions must remain imprecise.

Good, and it’s still there that ethics is the tip of her nose. Your subject is in your pocket, in your thank you. It is your responsibility not predict anything .

If a man asks if he is going to win the lottery, answer him you see a flow of money, but certainly not through the lottery. If a woman asks if her husband is cheating, answer him that your impression is that it is sometimes a little too suspicious, and that we must give him the benefit of the doubt unless we have real evidence. If someone asks if she will meet her soul mate, answer that you think so, and that will probably be someone who does not fit the “type” of your usual subject.

These responses are positive and open mind without encouraging passivity. They create the most mental conditions likely to make positive difference in the lives of your subjects. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility .

To conclude, I hope I have shown that showy, fortune tellers and company, they are endowed with some talent, have no supernatural power . Remember that no one can predict the future , although some are masters in the art of make believe. If not all are crooks, some cold readers are pure charlatans who benefit from your naivety for withdrawing your money. I am sure that reflection, Pourrier you find a better use, right?


How to build a chair with broomsticks and tape?

Mexico City is one of the largest cities in the world. The number of people in one place is huge, its streets are always full of traffic, so the best choice of transportation is by foot, making exhaustive touring the city. Many things help us, as the Collective Transport System or EcoBici, but still, our feet are suffering, and there is always to rest, but all that ended thanks to the designers Limor Haviv and Nimrod Fieldman .

Honest Chair is the new product of these two American designers who worked for chair hire London that aims to end the fatigue of anyone who has a couple of broomsticks and tape. No more breaks in the dirty streets of Mexico City after watching this tutorial.

What to eat if I go to the gym

Generally, when people start going to the gym, they think they should change the food to which they are accustomed.

This is conditional because those who have spent many years working out and lifting weights it is true that carry a very strict diet, with plenty of carbohydrates, proteins and good fats that help a lot to build muscles .

However, people who go to the gym to simply exercise (in our case, diet aids) should not think that has to change his style of food and start eating tortillas oats (whether or not then do ), or other strange things.

Anyway, I want to distinguish two types of cases, just in case you find yourself in some of them:

Food for Fitness

1. People who want to know what to eat before and after going to the gym

Maybe you are looking for information to know what to eat before going to the gym to pay as much as possible, or what to eat after leaving to recover before.

Well, I will focus on people who want to lose weight , so do not go into diets of people looking for muscle building.

If you’re going to the gym and want to eat something to pay butt, I would recommend you eat from any fruit, preferably a banana. That way you will release energy slowly throughout the session and you will not feel weak at any time.

We also recommend that, Eat some protein, such as a bit of pork loin, turkey breast, etc. This is optional, but I would.

Now, what to eat immediately after your workout? I have it very clear, and you should take some carbohydrate and protein, the way you want.

For example, other fruit would be nice (one block), then the block could take a protein shake. But you also have another option that you might like it more: You can eat a good snack full of protein, such as an omelet 2 or 3 eggs, cooked ham, chicken breast … As you prefer!

The reason for eating in such a “strong” after a weights session is very easy to understand. After doing fitness exercises, your body is in a kind of shock , where power needed urgently to recover stress that you’ve referred to it.

It is what is called “anabolic window” and although for us that window will become a window (because we seek to lose weight), should be using to feed well, with carbohydrates, your good fats and queens of all this, the proteins.

Now, we have to appeal to sanity , because we never stop keep in mind that we want to melt all the fat is left over. Those calories you ingest should be counted and added to your daily caloric intake, do not think that not counted.

2. People who want to know if you should make a “diet fitness”

On the other hand, there are people who think that by going to the gym will have to start eating oatmeal, tortillas with lots of egg whites, etc.

Clearly, these foods should not be neglected, because they really are excellent for our purpose, but do not go your head, not have to change your eating style or your diet for any special.

You know what the secret of all this (and I recommend you take a look at the article on the KISS diet ). It is as simple as:

  • Eat what you really need, with adequate caloric intake (nothing to cut calories by storm). To do nothing better than using a calorie calculator that once hung in the blog.
  • Eat things that really provide nutrients to your body, like good steaks, carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables, fish … Of course you can also give little quirks and consume things “no diet” (whenever they come into your daily caloric limits) but I recommend it to a minimum.
  • Make good exercise 3 or 4 times a week, and give everything in the gym . Go to the gym and bragging looking in the mirror or get on the bike while you chat with your partner should not be done for you. When you go to the gym, you have to give everything, ending knackered, no strength for more. And you must give everything in at most 1 hour of time (better if they are 45 minutes). You must train with a personal trainer in NYC , which is well throw you in the head.

Bottom line: If you’re starting in the gym and give everything in every workout, you have to take what we call a “normal diet” , without eccentricities , without having to weigh everything that bring you to the mouth, eating rations fall within a logical and trying it at each meal abound things you really like.There is nothing sadder than to come home and have on the table a plate of boiled potatoes and beans, or chicken fillet grilled with a dry salad. You can eat what you really motivates and you like without problems as long as you learn to count the calories in this dish and there is a caloric deficit throughout the day.

Believe me when I tell you I made ​​the silly long with extreme diets , which drastically decreased daily calories. The result? For every life being a huge fat.

I now realize that the “trick” is in the balance , and it’s something I want you to get well in the head so that it does not make the same mistakes that got to commit myself in the past.

As the months pass, you will see that this new diet and exercise routine that will make your body go changing dramatically, until you reach a point that you will look good. Perhaps then you can think about moving more advanced diet as long to grow muscularly, but all in due time, it is now time to lose fat and gain health, do not start the cart before the horse .

How do I wear the scarf?

By now the scarf should be a garment must for your wardrobe , so combats cold to form the original taking it in different ways.


We give a few tips for you to protect you from the cold with style :

Style one. Check back to the scarf around your neck and tries to get the two sides are unequal hanging, ie that hangs over one side than the other .

Style 2. Roll up the entire hair scarves on the neck without leaving any part of it hanging. Evita take very attached to the neck .

Style 3. Check around the neck and anúdala of how the two sides left hanging in shape almost symmetrical.

Style 4. Roll up the entire scarf on the neck of the other side and drop it.

And also …

- If you wear a coat dark add a touch to your look with a scarf of a colored or patterned intense .

- If the coat is very striking scarf intended to be smooth and unobtrusive .

- Try as other accessories such as gloves and hat , are also harmonics to look .

- You can play with the way your muffler for a style more formally or informally , the more more laps casual .

If you want to see more slender avoid very wide scarves and tissue thickness.

Questions for a new roofing contractor

You may need to hire roofing contractor when you have leaks, is damaged by weather or animals, or when you’re buying or selling a house. To protect yourself and your property for the best price in the repair or replacement of the roof, do some research and ask a few questions to a new contractor roof.Knowledge is the best weapon against bad practices or ethical construction.

Evaluate the contractor

Asked about the experience of the contractor in the sector, insurance and financial issues and the availability and customer service policies. Rate your experience in the sector, how long have you been in business his company, and if your employees are skilled and trained in safety and roofing skills. Ask to see a certificate of insurance, business license, and ensuring labor and materials. Find out about billing and financial policies, financing options, policies, contracts and discounts and rebates. Ask about their availability and customer service policies. Consultation on how many jobs has done today, if the work is done by employees or subcontractors and questions about work orders and problem solving processes.

Asked about the inspection

Inspect the roof and research before talking with contractors. When the contractor comes to inspect the problem and assess the work, consúltale if the roof needs repair problem areas or a total replacement. Find out if the roof structure is safe and sound or if there supports and rotten underlying layers. Asked if the job requires a complete tear or if a new layer of shingles on the existing roof is sufficient, and have the contractor show you damaged areas listed in the budget.

Get It written

Calls a contract for roofing work and do not rely on any verbal promise. Find out who your main contact with the contractor and who is the head of that person gets all the current contact information. Ask if the person with whom you interact verbally during work is signing the contract and if that person has the authority to bind the company in the contract. Take the contractor’s written estimate the costs, materials, start and end dates of the work, the change order process, payment requirements, information on tax exemption and the certificate of completion to your lawyer to review and prepare a contract.

Warning Signs

Warning signs that may arise as you interact with roofing contractors include an impatient representative, the contractor is unwilling to use a contract in which your attorney draft estimates unusually low for work, or evasive answers to questions. Red flags indicate both a need for further questions or if you get evasions and delays, you should continue with another contractor.

Students / Couple apartments

If you are a student and studying at a distant university or college located far away from your residence, you might be suffering from the problems of travel and looking for an apartment near your institution. Finding an appropriate apartment is not an easy job. However if you leave it in the hands of a property management company like columbia property sc portal you make your job half-done instantly. Because this company considers your worries as its own and helps you find a suitable place.

The company helps in different matters of your life. For example if a person cannot find a suitable house on his own, he may trust a property management company like ours. We, without any delay, bring a large collection of their desired homes in front of them so that they may prefer something that can win them praise and admiration by their family members. Keeping in view these services, you are free to have trust in us and give us the privilege to serve you. We assure you that our company won’t let you feel down or disappointed by any poor service.

During this Christmas season people go to celebrate their vacations and need stylish and comfy apartments to live. Therefore here we come to help you by presenting best apartments located on best locations for rent or sale so that people may enjoy their vacations in a more pleasant manner. These apartments may be taken on rent by newly married couples also, when they plan to spend a memorable time at a striking and historic place. These apartments are offered by this company at best rates that anyone can afford and manage to pay in order to find real pleasure and comfort of a house. We are present here to help our customers in finding an appropriate and proper position. We keep in view that facilitated houses are always important for people and they keep it in their list of first preferences that their houses should be maintained with every possible facility and luxury.

So people! You do not need to visit various companies in search of a better one because the property management Columbia Sc has gained a privileged status in this mainstream by serving its customers to their full satisfaction. Anyone who appoints us to serve them definitely gets contented. What else one wants except finding an honest corporation to improve their living standard. Since property management includes renting, buying or selling of a place, house, or an apartment, people get remarkable improvement in their living and income beyond doubt. The main agenda of this company is to win the confidence of its clients so that they may better invest their money in useful and thrifty business that leads to an increase in the profit.

Still if there is any doubt in your mind regarding our services and functions, you may contact us. Our staff would speak to you instantaneously. You may also ask about us charges that are always very reasonable for our clients.

A dream ten years, a car, a trip to Germany and a great experience.

That morning I had to go to hospital, I really do not remember why but if the date.
We had just bought our first big family car, the only thought we would buy once in our life, a real treat for us that had cost us so much start flying, that was ten years in July.
It was a lucky day, I found parking at the base of the hospital and as down to my new vehicle (because for me it was) I’m parked right next to an amazing car that powerfully attracted my attention, watched mine, looked at that car and could not believe what I was seeing, had never held my attention for any vehicle on the street.
I had set foot among the small distance between the car and mine and I could not help but make a call to my husband.

  • Dime..pasa something?
  • I’m hallucinating, I parked in the hospital next to a car that has me in love, has something that holds me, I do not know whether inside or figure, or perhaps all but amazing.
  • What Car?
  • A Mercedes I think, expected to go to the back … yes is a Mercedes CLS 320, you had seen this car before? It is amazing, I think I’ve found the only car capable of falling in love.
Since that day every time we saw pass before our eyes the outfit in question my husband said, look Marian, there goes your car.
Funny, I had fallen in love with a car quite impossible for me, and I looked sigh included.
Ten years have passed, and my new car changed hands eight years of having hartita of failures and setbacks, came out really bad, though in his favor I have to say it was a marvel lead in what was not broken .. ., bought another of similar characteristics that at least lets us enjoy it without having to checkout every other day three, although it is not at all a car that has me in love, missing the point Driving offered me mine.
In those ten years you can say I’ve experienced one of the busiest times of my life, there was transfer of residence to another province and community, and started a roulette of diseases that have led me to an early retirement.
We granted the retirement my husband and I decided to take a trip to Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France and to loose the urge to travel we have always had and that my low and disease processes we were locked in our home.
I recognize that my energy limits me a lot, but the urge non’ve lost, and that’s when my husband started thinking about the trip to ponder use it to buy a car in Germany that he had always struck him.
We started shuffling some models but MY CAR was always there, a four-seater with sporty silhouette and a more powerful engine.
He was called very striking other vehicles, plus road, although wonderful, but I do not, I still loved that car.
Determined, we will focus on buying the Mercedes CLS 320 and we will leave parked the other models in the journey we can not divide choices and above all we must have clear ideas.
And this is where our adventure, an adventure that we know we will repeat that despite the fatigue and setbacks we have enjoyed and have been fortunate with the result begins.
In July and my retirement in the hands my opponent starts to move through the pages of selling used cars in Germany, begins to realize how many options within the same model and from then begins to learn that wants specifications in the car you buy.
I read the paperwork and gave me real vertigo, tried to contact sellers with null result, I fear that Google Translate is stunned with German.
A week after our backpacking gear, and we were only going by plane to and no hotels contacted a German immigrant son of immigrants in Germany to which we owe especially not lead to deception and knowing where we were walking.
He spoke from home with potential vendors to contact an appointment at our arrival in Germany, and we told a Turkish market all recommended camouflaged in individual sellers than ever we trusted in a vehicle with less than 40,000 miles a year, since in Germany not worth paying a diesel if it does not perform those miles for tax issues.
For my part I had talked to a salesman of a German dealer in Stuttgart son of Spaniards who told me that vehicles with more than four years no longer sold dealerships individuals but leaving batch to sales, and in many cases there was nothing good market among non-native people who had stayed with that market share previously dedicated to selling import cars to Spain and had disappeared with the economic crisis, while there was an association of German merchants with principles and harsh and restrictive rules of abusive practices yes we could trust.
I have to say that when Paul (our staff and immigrant translator German) told me that minimum 40,000 miles a year and watch the Turkish market, I thought he was exaggerating, well, at all, go to Germany, to understand the distances and the rate at which walking and understand as 40000 Km per year are made without realizing even notice.
Paul spoke with a particular vendor who ignored him too suspicious about his integrity and contacted him to see us the day after our arrival …. oh mother!
We arrived in Frankfurt on September 30 , took a stroller rental and got the address of the particular vendor in your browser to spend the night in a hotel near your home address to be at 9 in the morning at the rendezvous point.
First lesson ………… OMG NEVER WITHOUT A CARD WITH MOBILE DATA CONNECTION, I bought one at Aldi and it was an adventure register (using the identity of a German
since it is not operational, for it had to pay a post hos T-Mobile and yet the data connection was not bad was the worst, making insufferable search on internet)
My advice is that you go to a store and purchase an O2 prepaid card charging and I registrren them with T-Mobile can not because you have no German residence, we did the third sick day Aldi connection.
Second lesson ….., there you run, no … rather be flying on motorways, I do not lay in the left lane to overtake or if you have no guarantee that there is much room for it without disturbing the flying carpets that come through that lane as you sew bursts to step aside (I love your driving lanes and respect for each use)
Third lesson …. The German no one can understand, so without English or you go to google translator attached to the hand or what have you been clearly.
We arrive at our destination, a village adjacent to Stuttgart and after finding hotel and configure the happy card data connection as best I could, rest of the day in which began to discover a universe parallel to our own.
Day 1 October and 8:55 am at the place indicated by the private seller have to wait for us while we left the car to look around and begin to want to flee, many nearby shops like little scrap.
We arrive at the exact address and we see the area where they had taken pictures of the car that we were visiting, and I wanted to go, something he did not like it, but my husband decided to enter the place coming out to step Turkish, alas! ! watch where Turkish and minidesgüaces not misunderstand what the Turkish nationality, is simply that they are driving a flea market at all trustworthy.
He tells my husband that the seller does not come until 11 whereby we refuse to wait for tardy and honestly was a liberation, it was clear that it was not reliable and the best option was not to give anything.
That morning was devoted to sightseeing in Stuttgart and enjoy it, is a beautiful city,
Given the poor quality of data prepaid card Aldi find another option and the only one who could choose not being resident in Germany was O2, and we started to look around Stuttgart or Munich more vehicles, dismissing individuals, although we went to a Dealer Mercedes Stutgart to see their bids ……….. gentlemen that dealership had a dual carriageway inside and several plants and of course an amazing range of vehicles with less than four years for me the best option if you have a substantial amount to buy the car because they are new, worth less than half of its initial value and you take them with two years warranty Mercedes unrestricted country.
We found an offer close to Munich and decided to start road and sleep in a roadside hotel to be first thing in the morning on a sale south of Munich I had a car that suited what we wanted.
We had decided that if not come to fruition, we left the car theme to continue their journey, enjoy the Oktoberfest in Munich, visit Vienna and back pass by Switzerland and give a hug to a family that I have not seen for years.
Day 2 October , we woke prontito and rested, and after breakfast and before the early hour I prepare to last look at new Internet offer, and suddenly 50km from our hotel and almost on the way to Munich see an ad in paragraph newly announced.
It has everything, there are price and sells the purchasing association of German sales that you can trust, my husband was no longer amused entertain other offers having seen the above, however to be almost on the way decided to go .
We arrived at 9 am, saw two Mercedes CLS AMG 320 with details on the campaign apart from other wonders.
The seller offered the keys to that we saw and then if there was interest we speak.
First conche, ainschhh, wonderful but to get almost miss the first slurry, the previous owner was a pig and compulsive smoker who had left a trail of odors and stains other than scratches on the body, alas please vehicle 100,000 € in that state of neglect in just four years and some months. Really a good cleaning and painting would have been a profitable car, had all revisions Mercedes home and perfect mechanics.
Second car, with all the extras and features AMG also logically more expensive than the previous one, but enter it and know it was for me was all one, even though the skin upholstery was black and gray paint, two features that did not make me laugh but to his special status did not care.
We went with the seller to try, logically without a hitch.

That started our first real option and longer needed a German-speaking, so call to Spain and contacted Paul, who lets him know that we are really interested in the car and we want to make an offer, ie to agree on its initial price.
The seller said the deal would be with us after explaining Paul as was the vehicle and its revisions, which were all correct point.
Well after getting a good deal thanks to the translator of google in his office right at 12 in the morning we went with the car since my name, registration and insurance temporary to reach Spain and arrange to enroll here.
In three hours had done a lot of paperwork and a deal with a big seller, whom he must have a great car and then refused to sell me a car that had been for my daughter who wanted to send me days later. Reliability is always appreciated.
We arrived in Munich in the afternoon after returning the rental car with the intention of passing the Octoberfest and enjoy the day, German festival par excellence that puts this impressive Bavarian region.
What are the things we could not stay because newcomers to the hotel received a call from Spain that made us start back the next morning.
We arrived in Sevilla on day 5 after having gone through Cantabria back to see one of my children who live there.
First of all explain that again tomorrow You’ve been law for all places that have been through the documentation, and knowing that these procedures are in Barcelona two days, again in Sevilla we’ll wait seated, shameless piece .
Day October 6 : We came without wheels, so first and pass the ITV had to FITTING (the price of the wheels had been largely discounted the value of the car in Germany)
Day October 7 : First surprise on ITV, you need a small record …… How? What?
Listing performing Mercedes engineers or home or at the same ITV in Barcelona I made via internet with a Galician engineers at an affordable price with a delay of two hours in Barcelona had been in the act and car I had already left the ITV past, but if I do it with other companies (
or in the same house would have been a formality for many days and great economic cost.
October 8 : back to ITV to slip in question and surprise …. in two or three days back you who already have revised an engineer and as you pass the ITV, how? two or three days I delayed enrollment?
Day 10 October afternoon last ITV.
Day October 13 the council to pay the road tax to last quarter, ooootra surprise, first you must enter the vehicle and from the council may take several days, so straight to the manager OPAEF to process it.
Day October 14 : Next Step Hacienda: I speak with all documentation and printed 05 (exemption from registration tax loss) to go to Traffic, sorpresaaaaa, the character in question had no idea, I had to go giving I demanded every role and that’s what I had studied each of the requirements, and tells me to come back in two days to give me tax exemption, two days ?, if that is recorded in moment please !!!!
Again two days ( October 16 ) at Hacienda and when being serviced tell me that my documentation has been delivered, as ???, ??? who, finally someone took my documentation error by personajillo and in that moment you see where I recorded it again, did not have to wait two more days.
Day October 17 : a Traffic has now touched my lady calling me sappy documentation sarcastically thinking that I would not have it correct, what characters please …
Once the documentation tells me that my car is immobilized until Monday to give me tuition, what ???, do not give me the registration on the day ???, there is a weekend in between, then no, no I got it, so do not give much war that the car had it at the door and had to go home with him illegally (these people out of spite would have been able to put the provisional registration in the spotlight agents traffic).
Day October 20 (fifteen days of starting procedures at Sevilla) Monday at the last minute, just a fortnight after initiating all the steps in Spain and I have my tuition and finally her a decent insurance (because without Spanish tuition did me the insurer chosen insurance) covering more incidents that provisional only covers the strictly legal damages to third parties.
A week of ITV and another for Finance and Traffic Sevilla.
From all this I learned that next time I walk through Barcelona and come with ITV last at the time, already Finance and Traffic’ll eat me with you again in two or three days.
And another thing learned, the provisional insurance is a shame with which I take as an insurer that does not require registration but chassis number and I come quiet without fear of a mishap.
Good thing we got that call from Spain we made it back since the provisional registration had expired a month thanks to the speed of public statements.
And despite everything has been a fantastic experience that is sure to repeat in the future, from which I learned a lot and made me infinitely assess the management, treatment and German education in any field trip, not just formalities vehicle purchase.
My dream is fulfilled, we are delighted and also certain it was a good buy.

10 signs that you could be a good lawyer

Do you plan to enroll in law school? Not sure you have the makings to become a good lawyer? In this article we presentten unmistakable signs for values ​​if someday you could become a good lawyer . There may be many other clues that can help you assess whether you are a good lawyer, but maybe we can cite the following as major. Let’s go on.

1. You love to argue.

If you are a person who in their day to day like a good discussion to see who is right in each case, I like to debate from who the best pianist in the world to what is the best restaurant in the city or if there good restaurants in town, then give yourself a little. One of the strengths of a good lawyer is the argument. Lawyers argue constantly; do with the opposing party, with other lawyers, judges and courts, with officials, insurance companies and even their own customers. The practice of law is inherently contradictory, so if you like a good argument, well argued, the area of ​​law can be a good choice.

2. You love to write.

If you like writing and you’re good at it you should consider the fact become a lawyer. Lawyers are continually writing. Lawyers spend the day writing allegations, resources, contracts, applications and hundreds of written submissions a year. The fluid writing is a good feature for a lawyer. So you know, if you enjoy writing, you’re closer to having all the qualities of a good lawyer.

3. You are a workaholic.

You should know that many lawyers are workaholics (do not know whether for pleasure or for professional reasons). In fact there are lawyers who work from morning to night, far exceeding normal or professional day use. To ensure success in the field of law, you must work (a lot), so it is necessary to make some sacrifices, including excess working hours. If you do not mind working from first light until late at night, the field of law could be yours.

4. You’re a good negotiator.

Lawyers traded every day. The lawyers negotiate at all hours. In most procedures, agreements between the parties are an essential part. Therefore, good negotiating skills positively influence the performance of an attorney. There are many circumstances in which mediation should be obligated party, bypassing other seniors with longer and harmful to the parties procedures. This is another feature that will help you effectively carry out the functions of a Personal injury lawyer Boca Raton .

5. Yours is persuasion.

This factor is especially important in certain procedures, such as the Jury, in which how to present the case and persuasion to be able to exercise the Counsel on members thereof, are critical to the final decision one way or another. The main job of a lawyer is to persuade the rest of the participants in the process of defending the position is correct. And all this just may do so with a great deal of persuasion, skill and of course practice.

6. Have a good emotional shield.

Any good lawyer should have a good emotional shield, a “thick skin” or “broad shoulders” as they say. Note that in their daily work, lawyers may face angry and shrewish Judges, officials sometimes have a bad day, angry customers and ruthless enemies (which are often other lawyers). If you have good armor, certainly the work of attorney will be much easier, also helping to overcome the stress that this work produces.

7. Great organizational skills.

If you are good at organizing and balancing your time, then you have a major step to becoming a good lawyer. As a professional lawyer, you will spend your time between your office, customer interviews, various paperwork, phone calls and appearances before the judge or court to accompany your clients or professional colleagues, as we have said before, many times in the morning night. You must have a good well-structured schedule, and most importantly … you never forget your family, it is the former.

8. persistent you.

In many cases, persistence is one of the great virtues of the great lawyers. You can never give up. You must strive to meet your goals and achieve your goals. Many times it will fail, but after the fall get up and go intentarlo.Difícilmente everything turn out right the first time, so we have to be persistent in our ultimate goal of becoming a great lawyer. And as they say, nobody is born taught.

9. Patience is one of your virtues.

The practice of law involves long wait, both short and long term. In short, arm yourself with patience in the Courts waiting for documentation, waiting for your client to testify or by a resolution. On many occasions, and endless hours with the mere presence of your briefcase full of documents and yourself hours. In the long run, do not expect to get answers to your claims in a couple of weeks. There oral trials that are delayed years from the occurrence of the event, so we recommend that you arm yourself with patience.

10. Have some well understood aggressiveness.

We emphasize the well understood; we do not want boxers in the Courts … We mean that a customer wants a resolute, determined lawyer who works with agility, without taking a step back in his determination to faithfully help your client. Customers do not want weak beside her lawyers want to be around those thirsty lawyers win and do not fear the clashes. In short, customers want “pitbulls” no “poodles” at his side. The “poodles” have little to do in the legal world.

We hope these 10 signs that you could be a lawyer, have proved of interest, and enjoyable read. However, we are confident that we have made some sign in the pipeline. Therefore we ask you if you have any idea about us do know as a comment. Always willing to listen to you!

Making my first resume

Do not have prior professional experience can close the doors of many jobs , but not all. The labor market also requires inexperienced young candidates to fill specific positions in which values ​​both academic training and the skills and competences acquired by other outside professional activity tracks. To achieve stand out from the rest of applications, you must prepare a resume writing perth
that clearly and concisely reflect the capabilities and skills of the applicant and the most attractive to employers differentiators.

The previous professional experience is one of the factors that stand out in your resume candidates opting for a job to stand out from other applicants. However, not all profiles can include this section in its “roadmap”. Recent graduates or students seeking practical lacking, mostly a career path to forward to their qualities and skills employers to develop an activity. How can demonstrate these applications themselves in the labor market?

The key is to produce a first resume that reflects the candidate’s suitability for a position through their academic careers, their abilities and skills and other characteristics that provide appealing and attractive information for recruiters.

Training, experience substitute

The jobs that require no previous professional experience of the candidates are minorities in the labor market.According to the report for the month of April 2011 job portal Infojobs , 70.5% of jobs offered in this period requested candidates with at least one year of experience. However, in this website more than 4,000 jobs for applicants without previous career and the web were recorded specialized in this type of posts, more than 7,200 companies offer work to these profiles.

The jobs that require no previous professional experience of the candidates are minority

The most valued aspect curriculum vitae of these candidates is academic training. So says Teresa Gentil, commercial director of “The degree obtained and the college or school in which she has completed are the main factors evaluated in these applications, “he says. “Importantly, if possible, the highest averages in grades or academic awards” from summary, although as stressed Teresa Gentil, “it is essential to be as clear and concise as possible and avoid filling the curriculum vitae with irrelevant information. ”

Gentil suggested that it is necessary to provide all data to account for the additional training which, such as courses, seminars, lectures and exhibitions, “but provided that they conform to the position offered or represent any interest for the company that offers”. It is essential that the learning process reflects the achievements and emphasis and discipline that has put the applicant for training in the field of knowledge required.

The most valued curriculum vitae of these candidates aspect is the educational background

In training, albeit in a different academic paragraph, courses or training activities include learning languages ​​or computer . Regarding this, from the portal recommend state the name of the center or school where they studied, invested years, supporting certificates and the level obtained by the candidates.

Skills and aptitudes

Specialists in recruiting new graduates recommended for inexperienced model curriculum vitae called “functional”, aimed to emphasize the skills, abilities and qualifications for successfully develop a certain job.

It is recommended to emphasize the skills, abilities and skills of the candidate

These skills can be reflected, on the one hand, in the corresponding section of the jobseeker profile. This section should demonstrate the arguments it up as a candidate for the offer and describe the qualities valued in the labor market that define it, such as flexibility, dynamism, enthusiasm, creativity, desire to learn or capacity to work in groups, among others.

In the section referring to the experience, must convey these qualities associated with the various activities of the candidate. Being monitor or coach a team sport , develop a draft research , be voluntary or other work or temporary practice can show the employer’s ability effort, discipline, the ability to manage a team or liability that is able to acquire the applicant in the new job and its potential for the future.


Given the lack of work experience, newly qualified young people should highlight on your resume the differentiating elements of your profile that can attract businesses from other candidates with more extensive professional profile. From recruitment firm Monster emphasize that youth should be presented as “one more benefit and a detriment.”

The resume should highlight differentiators over other candidates

The lack of family ties and greater adaptability to “demanding” working conditions are often an attractive qualities to qualify for certain jobs.To draw attention to these aspects, Monster recommend candidates highlight in the section on additional information from your resumeavailability to work odd hours , interest in mobility or change of residence or other circumstances that reflect an attitude open and ready for any modification or change in the workplace.

Five top tips

In developing the first curriculum vitae, corporate recruiters suggest follow certain basic guidelines for the nomination as attractive as possible for recruiters:

  • Gather information: candidates must be well informed about the company offering the job and the job that is required to cover, to focus the curriculum to the skills and competencies that are valued more in the sector.
  • Be realistic: before applying for a job, the candidate must carefully assess if all the conditions required to develop it. If not, it is preferable not submit the application, rather than decorate the curriculum or lie on the profile available.
  • Clarity and conciseness: the resume should contain only the information relevant to the recruiter and must be organized in a logical and orderly manner that facilitates their reading.
  • Caring for the presentation: the role of good quality and fair presentation graphics, with a clean design and simple- where resources are highlighted with typographical essential aspects gives the coach a positive first impression on the candidate. Do not forget check the spelling .
  • Letter: should attach the resume cover letter accompanying generate interest in the recruiter and highlight the key points that define and differentiate the candidate.

I realized my dream to have a villa!

My profile

Female, 31, a consultant in educational technology, mother of a 11 month old, lives with her ​​partner for 4 years, co-owner of a new villa for 2 years, has an old car, contribute at least RRSP each year, considering its low level of debt except mortgage!

The user of BudgetExpress is me. I will have the pleasure of hosting this column will present users of the software and how they benefit. I hope to speak to many other “addicted” software as me!

Why make a budget?
For me, the budget is a way to ensure that my personal finances are under control. I hate having to repay loans and I prefer when I spend money. Being younger, I often paid interest charges or seen my account approach the 0 … BudgetExpress is so easy and fun to use, it helps me to predict the future and make sure I spend as a result of my income.

My use of BudgetExpress
I update my software budget in about 1 to week. I have a file on my own account and a file for the joint account. I confirm or amend each expenditure and income provided manually. It takes me some time. I use the comparison function vs actual forecasted transactions in the case of the grocery store, where I foresee a global amount each month. I love the little graphic that shows the evolution of the balance in the current year and the following: it is so encouraging when it goes up, and it’s time to review the priorities when it comes down!

A dream realized through BudgetExpress
There are 4 years old, my husband and I, while apartment together, share the dream of making us build Mauritius villas . We had to save a large amount for the implementation of the mortgage funds, so we put aside money each week to get to pretend we already were paying a mortgage. Moreover, thanks to the simulations in the software, we chose to keep our cars rather than buying new. In two years, in addition to our RRSP Rape, we raised enough to get the loan. In addition, we knew we could afford to continue to pay because we had already simulated in BudgetExpress.

I attribute directly to BudgetExpress having been able to realize my dream to have a house so early in my life. Lately I have saved to launch my business … I could talk at length about how it is part of my life!

- See more at:

Which Team will Play Better in this World Cup Match?

For any team, it will not easy to win the Cricket World Cup 2015. Either it is Pakistan, India, Australia or any other team, their past performances or record does not matter as we know records are made to be broken in the future.

For Australia and India, the major drawback for both teams will be the absence of Ricky Ponting and Sachin Tendulkar. Everyone knows the importance of both players. Here we explained the list of teams who will play better in ascending order:


Everyone knows the fact that Australian home grounds are always tough for any team to perform both mentally and physically. In World Cups, Australians always show totally different attitude and home ground will also favor them this time. The team this time has very experienced and energetic players such as George Bailey, Mitchell Johnson, Michael Clarke, and David Warner who can spin any match scenario very easily. This team always shows more decency in home ground situations.

  1. INDIA

Leading World champions and favorite team tagged, Indians has to perform very well for cricket lovers, viewers, bookies and experts. On team captain, there will be a lot of pressure and Dhoni has to tackle it technically. Above 120 crore cricket lovers want the blues to repeat the history once again.

The Indian is not well-balanced this time but the Key players are still present such as Virat Kohli, Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Suresh Raina, Mohammad Shami and the Captain M.S.Dhoni.


This team would no doubt appear as a champion if they won’t choke in semis. It is very important for them to get rid of all choking thoughts from the past and believe in themselves. It is hard for anyone to believe that with the presence of Hashim Amla, ABD Villiers, Jaques Kallis, Dale Steyn and Morne Morkel they lose.


The most unpredictable team, Pakistan can change the whole prospect of a game anytime. Their fast bowling attack is their power which is enough to destroy any batting line-up. But the batsmen have to be bit technical to manage the situations to win game.

The shining stars include Misbah-ul- Haq Nasir Jamshed, Mohammad Irfan, Junaid Khan, Saeed Ajmal. These are the most talented players who can spin the match situation. But, cricket is all about mind game, so it is important for them to control their senses.


This team is on fifth option but they are slow poison Team and can win the match. It is not easy to beat them easily. Their bowling attack is neither huge nor they have exceptional bowlers but still they can tight the challenging team.  Kumar Sangakarra as well as Mahela Jayawardena is one of the most respected cricketers.

Every team is special in their own way, so, it is not easy to highlight the best in all. However, according to their previous records, we can give number to them.

Ana Marchil is an editor at You can get latest updates at her website

How to rent a space for a warehouse

Learn to find a Warehouse To Let Epping


Identify your needs. I walk through your operation step by step, by listing requirements store at all times. You may need electricity and a number of electrical outlets. You may need a water source. The roof space can be a concern. Your store may also need to maintain a certain temperature.


Consider whether this will be a warehouse job. Some warehouse spaces are used only for storage. If you have employees working in your store, you will need sanitation, adequate ventilation, parking and a rest room.


Calculate how much space you need. The very small storage warehouses may have fixed monthly as a residence rent. Most office space rent per square foot. The basic formula is calculated by multiplying the number of square feet to be leased by the price per square foot. To determine the rent this number is divided by 12.


Investigate locations. When looking at the building and its location, consider how often you receive shipments. Companies that receive constant deliveries may need to be near a freeway or even a seaport.


Think about the type of access you need for construction. Doors should be large enough for deliveries. Some companies may require docks.


Check out the landlord and property management. Ask other tenants about the quality of services provided. Make sure that buildings meet the requirements of the code.


Recognize your responsibilities as a tenant. Do not assume that the owner do certain things. Do not accept anything that is not specified in the lease.


Understand your lease. The leasing business terminology can become complicated quickly. For example, a triple net lease contract holds you responsible, not only the rent, but all expenses related to your storage space. Make your lawyer read the lease before signing.


Know your rights as a tenant. Most leases warehouses remain applicable even if you change the ownership of the building. Make sure the lease covers your inability to use your storage space due to a problem caused by the owner.


Secure your computer. Homeowners insurance does not cover loss of your inventory.You must also purchase liability insurance in case one of your employees or a visitor is injured. Both you and the owner may be responsible for the events that take place inside the store, sidewalks or parking areas.

The 12 Best Strategies to Optimize Your Health

By Dr. Mercola

A recent CNN article 1 lists 25 ways to improve health. Some suggestions certainly have merit, but the most notable were the ridiculous article that included advice and the fact that excluded some of the most important tips.

Actually, this is not surprising, since the media are nothing but the reflection of corrupt medical paradigm that focuses on treating symptoms rather than treating the root cause of the disease.

So here I bring my own list of the 12 strategies lifestyle that I can make a big difference in your health, and you are faced with most disorders that are the core of most health problems .

# 1. Add sprouts to Your Food

One of the most nutritious sources of energy that can add to your diet are sprouts. They are a “super” food that many ignore or have stopped using long. In addition to its nutritional profile, germinating are also easy to grow yourself at home as you do not need a garden to do so.

They can be more than 39 times the nutrients of organic vegetables grown in your own garden and allow your body to extract more vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fats in the foods you eat. During germination, minerals such as calcium and magnesium, bind to the protein, making them more bioavailable.

In addition, both the quality of the protein as the fiber content of grains, nuts and seeds germinate increase when. The content of vitamins and essential fatty acids also dramatically increases during the germination process. The sunflower seed sprouted broccoli and peas tend to top the list of all the seeds that can germinate and are 30 times more nutritious than organic vegetables. Although it can germinate seeds, nuts and grains in general different all have almost the same beneficial attributes:

  • Enhance cell regeneration
  • Powerful sources of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and enzymes that protect it from damage caused by free radicals
  • Alkalizing effect on your entire body, believed is what protects you from diseases, including cancer (many tumors are acidic)
  • Abundantly rich in oxygen, it also helps protect against abnormal cell growth, viruses and bacteria can not survive in an oxygen-rich environment

Planting and Growing Sprouts From Home

Used to grow sprouts in jars with a ball over ten years, but quit. I am firmly convinced that cultivate the soil is much easier and produces much more abundant and nutritious food. It also helps save more time. With ball-shaped jars needed rinse several times a day to prevent mold grow. The space was also reduced. Currently, culture trays as I show below every 2-3 days and to produce all the food in jars into a ball, we would need dozens.

I am in the process of gathering more specific videos for use in future articles, thinking whet your appetite, here I show some photos.

A point to plant grass seed wheat and sunflower
- After two days of being soaking
Grass seeds wheat and sunflower
- 31/2 days after germination
Sprouted sunflower seeds and peas
- 3 days until they are ready to be harvested
Sprouted wheat grass seeds and sunflower
- Ready for harvest


My two favorites are germinated peas and sunflowers. They provide the highest quality protein you can eat. Sprouted sunflower seeds also contain a lot of iron and chlorophyll, the latter helps detoxify your blood and liver. Seeds, sunflower seeds are among the best in terms of nutritional value and germinate increase their nutritional value up to 300 to 1.200 percent. Likewise, peas germinated improve the bioavailability of zinc and magnesium.

I’ve been germinándolos past few months and have dramatically improved the nutrition of my meals, which are the salads at lunch. They are the perfect complement of fermented vegetables. My salad consists of about half a pound of sprouted sunflower, four ounces of fermented vegetables, half a large red pepper, several teaspoons of raw organic butter, a little red onion, an avocado and about three ounces of salmon or chicken . It’s my main meal. In the afternoon, usually only as a macadamia nuts and coconut candy, and a green vegetable juice 16-32 ounces. Occasionally I break this diet to go eat at a restaurant with my friends.

# 2. Fermented Foods Make a Basic Food

The importance of intestinal flora and the influence it has on your health can not be ignored. Your gut is home to countless bacteria, both beneficial and pathogenic. These bacteria outnumber cells in your body are at least 10 and maintain a balance between good bacteria and bad bacteria are the foundation of good physical, mental and emotional health-. In fact, their bowel literally works like a second brain and even produce more neurotransmitters in your brain serotina.

Fermented foods are essential for maintaining a healthy gut. The cultivation process occurs, also known as probiotics beneficial microbes that help balance your intestinal flora. Fermented foods are also some of the best binders available, capable of removing a wide variety of toxins and heavy metals. Only a quarter cup of fermented vegetables a day is enough for most people. Ideally, including a variety of fermented foods as each inoculated your body with a variety of different microorganisms.

To learn how to ferment their vegetables yourself, see this article where I talk to Caroline Barringer , a practitioner of Nutritional Therapy and expert in the preparation of food prescribed in the Nutrition Program Syndrome and Psychology (GAPS ) Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride. We are currently finishing up some new DNA sequencing experiments in our new high doses of vitamin K2 with a culture of initial probiotics.

# 3. Optimize your vitamin D levels by Means of Appropriate Solar Exhibition

Vitamin D, once only related bone diseases such as rickets and osteoporosis, is currently recognized as one of the most important factors to human health.

There are only 30,000 genes in the body and it has been shown that vitamin D influences over 2,000 of them. That’s one of the main reasons that also influences many diseases, including diabetes, depression, heart disease and cancer, to name a few. And while many people focus on the super kamagra of vitamin D is important to know that the ideal way to optimize your vitamin D is not through a pill, but allowing your body to do what it is designed to do-create Vitamin D through sun exposure (or a safe tanning bed).

Sunlight is far superior to supplements for many reasons:

  • It is natural. Our ancestors optimizaban levels of vitamin D through sun exposure, not obtained from food. Although vitamin D is found in some foods of animal origin, is in relatively low amounts and from what I know, there was no ancestral population to prosper with oral sources of vitamin D
  • When you expose your skin to the sun (it sunbathes), your skin also synthesizes high amounts of cholesterol sulfate , which is very important for cardiovascular health. In fact, Dr.. Stephanie Seneff , believes that high LDL and its relation to heart disease could actually be a symptom of cholesterol sulfate deficiency. Sulphur deficiency also promotes obesity and health problems related to diabetes
  • Most experts believe that to get vitamin D from exposure to sunlight can not be overdosed, as your body has the ability to self-regulate the production and produces only what you need
  • When taking high doses of vitamin D, also need to increase consumption of vitamin K2 whether you get from food or supplements, in order to maintain a good relationship. These two work together nutrient deficiency and vitamin K2 is what actually causes the symptoms of vitamin D toxicity, including inadequate calcification which can lead to hardening of the arteries
  • Sunlight has many additional benefits that are not related to the production of vitamin D

# 4. Intermittent Fasting

It has long been known that calorie restriction can improve risk markers of metabolic disease and increase life expectancy of certain animals.

Latest research suggests that intermittent fasting can provide the same health benefits that caloric restriction, which could be useful for those people who find it hard to reduce your daily caloric intake. I think it’s one of the most powerful interventions exist and if you have trouble controlling their weight and health problems. One of the main reasons is because it helps to change your body so burning sugar / carbs to fat burning mode and use the latter as its main fuel.

Research has also shown that fasting can increase the production of the human growth hormone (HGH), also known as the “hormone of the year”, which plays an important role in maintaining health, fitness and longevity, promotes increases muscle growth and fat loss by speeding up the metabolism. Other health benefits of intermittent fasting include:

Normalizes its sensitivity to insulin and leptin, which is very important for optimal health Improves biomarkers of disease
Normalizes the levels of ghrelin, also known as the “hunger hormone” Reduces inflammation and fights free radicals
Lowers triglyceride levels Preserves the proper functioning of memory and learning


A simple way to incorporate intermittent fasting to their lifestyle is putting schedule your meals to allow regular periods of fasting between them. To be effective, the duration of the fast should be at least eight hours. This means you can eat only between 11 am and 7 pm daily, as an example, Essentially, this amounts to skip breakfast and make lunch your first meal of the day.

# 5. Stir in Training High Intensity Intervals in your Exercise Routine

Increasingly convincing research shows that the ideal form of exercise are short bursts of high intensity exercise. Not only is better than exercises conventional cardio as effectiveness and efficiency, but also provides health benefits that simply can not get aerobics, as a tremendous increase in the production of human growth hormone (HGH), also known as the “hormone of the year”, which is essential for optimal health strength and vigor.

It has also been shown that high intensity exercise (HIIT for its acronym in English) significantly improves insulin sensitivity, increases fat loss and increase muscle growth. Best of all, is that high intensity exercise is so efficient, you can get all the benefits in just one session of 20 minutes, from start to thin, making up two or three times a week.

The key factor that makes this type of exercise something so efficient is the intensity. For best results, you need to work at maximum intensity, with rest periods between each blast. If you are using exercise equipment, I recommend recumbent bike or elliptical machine for your exercise at high intensity intervals, although you can also use a treadmill or running outdoors.(Note that if you intend to run outdoors, must be heated before doing so. Also, unless you are an athlete, I would recommend enough not to run, since many people are hurt by it without knowing how.)

You can also modify your workout routine to turn up the intensity. This is done by lowering the intensity . The super slow movements allow your muscles, at a microscopic level, enter the maximum number of crosslinks between the filaments of the protein produced in muscle movement bridges.

An important supplement that will help you get the most from high intensity training is to avoid fructose . If you eat sugar or fructose, especially two hours after exercise, increase somatostatin (also known as the hormone that inhibits growth hormone), which in turn destroys the production of growth hormone usually obtained exercise high intensity.

So it is best to avoid sports drinks, juices, products of improved water and other drinks that contain fructose and drink only purified water. If you need to replenish electrolytes, coconut water is an excellent alternative but is only recommended if you are doing high intensity exercises are sweating a lot. Otherwise, the high sugar content may be counterproductive.

# 6. Dream High Quality

Sleep is such an important part of your overall health and no amount of healthy food and exercise can counteract the harmful effects of poor sleep habits. Lack of sleep has been linked to many diseases, including loss of short term memory, behavior problems, weight gain, diabetes, increased risk of heart disease and cancer.

Lack of sleep also promotes premature aging by interfering with the production of growth hormone, normally released by the pituitary gland during sleep (and during high-intensity exercise Peak Fitness for just mentioned). Growth hormone helps you look and feel younger.

Most people need about seven to eight hours of sleep per night, but sleep needed is highly individual and tends to vary depending on your current health and your stress levels. If you feel tired on waking or feel you need to take a nap during the day, then you’re probably not getting enough sleep.

Whether you have trouble sleeping, you wake up often or feel that does not rest well when despierta- or maybe just want to improve the quality of their sleep-I recommend you check my special report on how to improve sleep hygiene .

If you feel well rested in the morning, it’s a good sign that your sleep habits have no problem. If not esr well, maybe you should investigate a little more about your sleep patterns. The ZEO is a novel device that measures the dream that allows you to make a personalized study about his dream from the comfort of your home. The beauty of this device is that it allows you to evaluate how sleep affects the various factors. For example, you can evaluate how it is affected sleep over a cup of coffee in the afternoon or how to use the computer after some time may have an impact on your sleep.

You can have a look at my 33 recommendations to improve sleep and evaluate the effects of each if desired. We recommend using less expensive mobile managers dream since that allow you to scan your brainwaves without transmitting the information until morning you wake up and have to do to your smartphone or your tablet through Bluetooth manually.

# 7. Make Contact with the Ground

Did you know that the energy of the earth can help you lead a healthier life? The concept is known as contact with the ground or grounding, which is simply walking barefoot, putting your body in contact with Earth. You can connect any part of your skin with Earth, but one that especially powerful and is the center part of your foot, a point known to acupuncturists as Kidney 1 (K1). It is a well known point that connects all meridians of acupuncture and essentially connects all parts of your body.

Compelling research shows that lack of contact with the ground has to do with increased rates of modern diseases.

When you are in contact with the ground, there is a transfer of electrons from Earth to your body. And these free electrons are probably known to man the most potent antioxidants. Any free radical found in their tissues immediately be neutralized electronically . This occurs because electrons are negative, while free radicals are positive, so they cancel each other.

Another important discovery and one of the most recent is to make contact with the earth thins your blood, making it less viscous. This can have a profound impact on cardiovascular disease, which currently are the number one cause of death in the world. Virtually every aspect of cardiovascular diseases has been correlated with high blood viscosity. You can also help protect against blood clots.

The ideal location to walk barefoot is the beach, near water, sea water is an excellent conductor. Your body is also composed mostly of water, so make a good connection. The second best place would be a lawn, especially when covered with dew, which is very early in the mornings. Concrete is good conductor as long as it has not been sealed, painted concrete does not allow electrons to pass very well. The materials such as asphalt, wood and insulators such as plastic and the soles of your shoes, do not allow the passage of electrons and are not suitable for connection to the land.

Exercising barefoot outdoors is one of the most powerful, wonderful and cheap ways to incorporate this tool into your daily life and also help repair tissue and decrease muscle pain caused by exercise.

# 8. Take Purified Water

Your body needs a constant supply of water daily to feed all waste filtration systems designed by nature to keep the body healthy and free of toxins. Your blood, your kidneys and liver need a source of clean water to detoxify your body from toxic exposures with which it comes in contact every day.

When your body gives water containing filtered toxins from the plastic, bio chlorination, volatile organic compounds or water contaminated with pesticides, fluorine or prescribed medications, is making your body work twice in detoxification, because you must first detoxify the water you are taking, before this can be used to power their detoxification organs.

Clearly, the most effective way to help your body avoid and eliminate toxins is providing the cleanest, purest water you can find. This can be achieved by installing one or more types of water filtration systems in your home.

If your budget is limited and can only buy a filter, no doubt in the minds of most experts that the shower filter is the most outstanding product you can buy for filtration of water, it is even more important than filtered tap water. This is because the damage incurred through the skin and lungs exceeds the harm caused by drinking water (which ultimately gives your body the option of fighting the toxins in your organs of elimination.)

An even better with the problem of chemicals and toxins in your water supply solution is to install a water filtration system in your home. There is only one water line coming into your home. Put a filter is the easiest and simple strategy you can implement to take control of their health by ensuring that water and air in your home are as clean as possible.

# 9. Limit Consumption of Processed Foods and Replace with Healthy Fats Carbohydrates

Two of the most powerful nutritional interventions that I know are 1) limit or eliminate the consumption of processed foods and 2) replace the intake of carbohydrates and excess protein with healthy fats . Beneficial fats include avocados , coconut oil, olives, olive oil, butter and nuts.

Alaska salmon is also a source of nutrition, as it provides omega-3. As a rule, when you reduce carbohydrate intake, needs to increase fat intake. Both are sources of energy you need, but fats are most appropriate source of energy than carbohydrates. Replace carbs with more protein is not a good option because it can produce adverse hormonal changes similar to those from burning carbohydrates.

For a list of foods to eat and foods to avoid, take a look at my nutrition plan. Generally speaking, you should base your diet on whole foods, preferably organic, locally grown and are not processed, for better health benefits and better nutrition, you should eat a good portion of their food in its raw form.

Processed foods are rich in fructose, not to mention artificial additives. All forms of sugar (but fructose in particular) have toxic effects when consumed in excess, causing multiple disease processes in your body, an example is insulin resistance, a major cause of chronic diseases and premature aging. Replacing carbohydrates with healthy fats also optimize your insulin and leptin, which is the key to control your weight and improve your health.

Most people consume too much protein. Like many areas of health there is an “ideal” dose that provides the most benefits and fewer side effects. Dr. Rosedale believes that the ideal amount is about one gram per pound of lean body weight unless you are pregnant or a professional athlete. But that the level on which will do more than just meet the needs of amino acids in your body without sacrificing your health.

# 10. Avoid Toxins

One could write many books on modern toxic exposures, but although it may be impossible to list every possibility with the avoidance major threats could be a step forward. In general, this includes rid of cleaning products for home, personal care products, flavorings, bug sprays, pesticides and insecticides garden, just to mention a few and replace them with non-toxic alternatives, some of the most dangerous that can be found include:

  • Mercury found in dental amalgams and fish
  • Fluorine: . found in toothpaste, the water Florada, non-organic food (due to the widespread use of fluoride based pesticides For example, iceberg conventionally grown lechiga contains up to 180 ppm of 180 times fluoro- more than recommended in the water).
  • EMF: Exposure to electromagnetic fields is becoming more common and can interact unfavorably with their biology.So please take a look at my articles I have written on this topic to learn more.
  • Bisphenol-A (BPA) and bisphenol-S (BPS): used to make polycarbonate plastics, bisphenols are chemicals that mimic estrogen and can leach into your food and drinks in plastic containers that contain them. These chemicals are known to be particularly dangerous for pregnant women, infants and children. To prevent toxins from the plastic as the bisphenols, you choose to use glass containers instead of plastic, especially in the case of products containing foods beverages or products for pregnant women, infants and children. This is also the case of canned products, which are the main source of exposure to BPA (and possibly other chemicals), so long as you possibly can, choose products in bottles and not in cans or opt for things Fresh. Another good idea is to get rid of plastic teethers for babies and instead buy varieties of wood or fabric.
  • Phthalates: soft found in plastics such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), as well as many toiletries including shampoo, toothpaste and cosmetics. Phthalates are among the most common endocrine disruptors that have been discovered so far and have been linked to a wide variety of developmental effects and reproductive problems.

# 11. Be Good Tool for Coping with Stress

Research has linked emotional stress with a wide variety of health problems, including physical pain, chronic inflammation 2, stillbirths 3 a low immune function, increased blood pressure, an alteration in brain chemistry, increased growth tumor in Apriland more. Even conservative Center for Disease Control (CDC) reported that 85 percent of all diseases have an emotional element.

Clearly, it is not possible or even desirable to eliminate stress completely. However, you can work to give your body the tools to compensate the bioelectrical short circuit can cause an alteration in many of the most important systems in your body. Using techniques of psychological energy as the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) can help you reprogram the way your body responds to the inevitable stressors of daily life for these “little things” re not pose a threat to your health .

Regular exercise, sleep and meditation are also important “safety valves” that can help you manage your stress. The EFT is similar to acupuncture, which is based on the concept that life energy flows throughout your body through invisible pathways known as meridians. The EFT stimulates different meridian points on your body, touching the tips of the fingers and being stimulated through verbal statements. This can be done only under supervision of a qualified therapist in May . Because stressors often connected to physical problems, many diseases and other symptoms may also improve or disappear.

# 12. Replace the Drugs Natural Alternatives that Hagan Against the Leading Cause

Last but certainly not least, replace drugs with natural alternatives, or even better cope with the lifestyle factors that are causing health problems in the first place is the best thing to do if you want to avoid becoming part of the statistics of mortality from medications or diseases.

The drugs are known to cause about 125,000 deaths annually in the United States when taken as prescribed . This is not surprising when you consider that the average drug label lists 70 potential adverse reactions.

In general, medications are 6,200 times more likely to kill compared with nutritional supplements and a chance of killing him 7,750 times higher compared with herbal remedies. According to the National Information System Poison 6 of the United States, the following categories of drugs are among the most lethal:

Analgesics, sedatives, hypnotics and antipsychotics Cardiovascular drugs Opioids Combinations of paracetamol Antidepressants
Muscle relaxants Antinflamatorios Antacids Anticoagulants Antihistamines


The vast majority of health problems really are the answer to improper lifestyle-what we have already discussed in this article. Type 2 diabetes, for example, is not only completely preventable, but is practically 100 percent reversible by diet and exercise. It has even been shown that cancer also reacts to these measures. Scientists are seriously looking for a number of alternative dietary treatments, such as diet type ketogenic and anti-angiogenesis.

For example, research conducted by Dr. Dominic D’Agostino found that laboratory animals fed a diet free of carbohydrates, reacted to a highly aggressive metastatic cancer better than those treated with chemotherapy.

The reason that a ketogenic diet has a dramatic (and fast) effect is that every cell in your body glucose feed. This includes cancer cells. However, cancer cells have a fatal flaw, metabolic flexibility have no difference from normal cells and can not adapt to using ketone body to feed as do other cells.

So when feeding alters and becomes what is known as “adapted to fats”, your body begins to feed fat rather than carbohydrates. When changing the carbohydrate by fat, starve the cancer, because it is no longer alimentando- with glucose and stops growing. Intermittent fasting, which we discussed, is one of the most powerful ways I know to change mode or fat burning fat suit.

Making good bed: the secrets of the champions maids I know

The news came last week and it was the perfect excuse for many: a study of Britain’s University of Kingston showed that leave the bed unmade could be a solution to eliminate mites, these bugs so annoying for allergy sufferers. Two conclusions: there is always a university willing to finance unusual studies and, more scientific study there, no bed to resist the speed and skill of Argentine maids who work for maid service toronto and participated since Monday 3rd National Championship, which Lucrecia consecrated yesterday Soria, Termas de Río Hondo, such as Argentina champion . The initiative is the Federation of Hotels and Restaurants of the Argentina Republic (FEHGRA) and performed across the country to train and give visibility to people who exercise this office, for many the “heart” of a hotel. This week, 48 finalists competed throughout the country, and the winner was awarded $ 10,000. Jurors evaluate technical aspects, such as cleaning and preparation of a room, and presence as uniform, makeup and hair under. Each participant had half an hour for presentation. And you watch them work serves to learn some secrets: the cleaning is done from top to bottom and circular manner, to leave nothing to review. More tips for the champions, which can be put into practice by all: “The beds are ‘dressed’ says Isabel Benitez, one of the juries, then what to check first and foremost is that the clothes of bed have the right size. ” Another participant reveals his secret: ” My technique is to remove all sheets and start from scratch . As much it costs and that seems the most annoying. And to make it very tight, adjust first one side and then the other, “says Silvia Assaf, a finalist, Bahia Blanca. Each participant had to choose cleaning products for your car (“Like the chefs before going to cook,” says another jury). A key: n or use bleach, nor powder cleaners or cream . Another secret: do not use hot water for cleaning. “The tap water comes out 40th or 50th, is the same as using cold water,” said Isabel, with over 30 years experience in hotels.

Influential cultural aspects when doing business in India

Greetings and courtesies

The Indians usually greet each other saying “namaste”, joining his palms with fingers facing upwards and slightly bowed his head, this gesture may include a subtle trunk tilt when you want to show special respect to alguien.Sin But Westerners are greeted by international handshake; is useful to note that the very traditional men do not reach out to women, whether Indian or foreign, as a gesture of respect for Indian women ellas.Las Western educated manner usually also use the handshake, but is recommended to allow them take the lead in the greeting and the beginning of a conversation, otherwise only recommended abroad smile and slightly tilt the cabeza.En India are highly valued securities, ie if one is a doctor, lawyer, etc, it is recommended mention the show, plus the suffix ji (sounds “yi”) or “sir” after proper names is used to indicate respect, for example Sanjiv Sanjiv Sanjiv ji or sir.Es habit of asking to withdraw when one is in a meeting, then begins to greet the integral older or more range.

Decision making

on slow processes in India businessmen especially in top 10 Indian B2B portals take a long time to discuss every aspect of a deal and done that require one extra period to issue a response final.Se recommended patience and plan other activities in the span of days or weeks they can take to get the answers. The impatience of a negotiator is taken as a sign of rudeness, it is likely that if the Indian entrepreneur perceives any pressure regarding the speed of its response, it reacts negatively

Talking Points

It is important to talk about family, children and friends as part of the process of mutual understanding in doing business in India. Estostemas are crucial and give way to other topics such as religion and politics, in which it is important to be well informed to exchange ideas so well argued.


early twenty-first century India It is a country still dominated by men. Women of foreign businesses should have no problem with modern Indian entrepreneurs exposed to the western world, but sometimes problems can arise with older negotiators who are more traditional and less open. The key is to behave in a professional, confident and safe manner; avoiding any gesture that could be interpreted as an invitation to flirteo.Se recommended that meetings outside the workplace are during the day, eg lunch, and not insist when Indian businessman insists on paying the bill of mismo.Las foreign women should be prepared to hear questions about their marital status, whether you have children and age, are common themes that align with the Indian habit of talking about family relationships own and others.


The Indians value the punctuality of your guests but do not apply the same concept about themselves, ie normally schedules are not respected for meetings of any kind. It is worth mentioning that sometimes the chaotic traffic of large Indian cities influences these delays and even not surprising that a meeting be rescheduled several times last moment before finally carried out. That’s why we have to calculate a loose agenda with some extra days as possible, however it is usual to agree meetings a month in advance, but then change the fecha.Las business meetings are held early in the morning or early afternoon, it is usual to start with a relaxed chat that can be accompanied by tea or lunch and only then tackle the main theme, sometimes take place in the offices but it is common to meet in private clubs, golf courses or restaurants. The fact that the guest accepts the meal or snack that is offered is seen, not even after consumed, always accept!

Business attire

It is normal for businessmen in India dress informally but very neat and marks first internacionales.El usual attire is shorts and short-sleeved shirts; special events, meetings or official opening quotations dress is more formal and less hot seasons suits lightweight fabrics can also be used. It is well seen wearing leather jackets and accessories, avoid them as possible. In Delhi and the north may be necessary to wear thicker coat in the months from November to February, in the months of monsoon (which varies by region) are recommended umbrella, rain gear and several changes clothes, although short stay as humidity slows the drying of freshly laundered garments. It is essential to carry with you at least a small handkerchief to wipe the sweat, useful and everyone uses it. Women can wear dresses or casual jacket and pants sets, provided they are not provocative; accepted that a foreign use sari (typical female costumeIndia) But the complex nature of it, just be good to use if the woman is comfortable with that dress. To avoid bad moments we recommend avoiding skirts above the knees and sleeveless shirts or dresses.

Gifts entrepreneurs

At the first meeting the attentions are unusual, yes when the business relationship is developed and there is minimal knowledge mutuo.Si known to the birthday (men) drinks alcohol, an imported whiskey is an excellent present; accessories, calculators, pens and thin ties are also appreciated; too big or too expensive gifts can generate discomfort on the part of the recipient, avoid these Muslims situaciones.Los and much of the Sikhs do not drink alcohol and could be considered offensive a gift of those last características.Por is remembered that these are delivered with both hands and should not wait for the recipient to open it at the time.

How to remove cat hair – my experience from 10 years living with cats

Surely some of your feline friends have already started losing hair in larger quantities.
We are beginning March, and there are more hours of daylight, indicating the onset of moulting. That usually means that our homes become to resemble the ” Wild West “with rolling balls wandering around the house, although they are not tumbleweeds, but giant lint …. what can we do?



Some time ago we published a post on how to brush our cats to avoid the appearance of so-called “hairballs”. And the first way to keep the house may be filled with hair, is to start with the cat.
First, it is noteworthy that adequate food decreases the amount of hair removed by the animal, it is the time of year it is. This includes providing a quality food as the “private label” or cause a supermarket coat quality (among other things) and that the animal bad hair streamed loose. Some animals also release more hair than normal because they have some nutritional deficiency, because they have higher requirements. In these cases it is advisable to go to the vet to advise us of a vitamin or supplement omega 3 and 6, and salmon oil. While these supplements may be sporadically without veterinary prescription is recommended that if we are going to take for a long time, is under veterinary supervision (excessive supplements can cause problems).
If our cat loose normal, corresponding to the moulting hair, the best way to keep the house hair is brushing regularly. Furminator Brush is highly effective at removing dead hair, is so effective that some people “are afraid” because it seems that short hair.However, in my experience with this brush, I do not think a haircut, but our cats are so dead hair at this time of year and we believe it. Use the Furminator should be done properly: giving repeated passes gently and slowly, to avoid jerks, scratches and static electricity. The pulled hairs that accumulate at the end of each pass are retiring with a comb. In the Furminator moulting can be used a few times per week, interspersed with brushed with a regular comb.
If you do not have or do not adapt Furminator to use, we can use other brushes for pets, as we recommended in that post . Complementary methods to be brushed using a plastic glove that removes surface hair of the animal.
Incredibly, some animals are left “suck” hair. There are some devices on the market that comb while aspiring cat and the pipe is very long (for the noise of the best pet hair vacuum does not scare the animal). If your cat is a quiet animal, it could be to tolerate this method and could “aspirarle” gently to the hairs remain in the vacuum cleaner.
I’m curious: any cat will tolerate being “sucked” … ??
The other day I also found this “automatic” brush for cats. This is a cornerback with spikes in the cat must rub (of course, your cat has to like you, but try …) and so is eliminating some single hairs.
A cat autocepillándose
Another great way to avoid hair around the house is the bathroom. The bathroom removes a lot of hair, although it should not abuse that could damage the skin and cat hair. Once a month moulting is usually sufficient. A particularly effective method is to make the cat a “double room”: first it gets wet the animal, a mild soap pet applies then we highly recommend using a conditioner for cats, which softens the hair and allow for better styling . We dry and comb the animal very well. A hairstyle again, we return to wet the animal, shampooing and conditioning. Rinse with water. We dry and brush. This method is usually removed a lot of hair, but not all cats tolerate a session of “spa” so long.
However well cepillemos cat or bañemos, will continue having hairs, let’s face it (though the amount of hair will be much lower, of course).This is where a battery of tricks hard to keep the house and furniture free of hair.
Looking transversely our soil we will realize that a lot of hairs end there, and we got them to pass and finish in furniture, chairs or higher places like shelves. Keep the soil free of hair is vital to prevent accumulation above.
Unfortunately brooms are not the best method, risers which remove hair. Using a mop, especially if it is of carrying a washable or disposable cloth is much recommended.Mops, you should be microfiber as they are antistatic (so with cloths, microfiber better).Scrubbing water can add some soap to real “hair traps” as Sanicat that prevent hair easily lift off the ground.
The best method is definitely sucked. A powerful vacuum cleaner will be the best investment to own a house free of hairs. The “Dyson” vacuum type usually have very good reviews (I’m thinking of buying one, but have a higher price) and allow the upholstery and leave pristine corner of the house. Likewise, robot vacuum cleaners also greatly facilitate life (Roomba type), and that are scheduled to perform alone passes through the house. Some models have HEPA filters (highly recommended for allergy sufferers). For two years now we have one at home, and is one of my favorite pots … lógicamante although not perfect, significantly reduces the “burden of hair.” Do not forget to suck well “hidden corners hairs” as vents, air conditioning, low sofas and various furniture. It is not the first time I finished cleaning and begin to appear more pelusones … inóspitos leaving these places.
In addition to vacuuming, the Roomba has other more recreational uses …
Mention apart for carpets. They are a real nest of hair and since I have cats, banished from my house. If you still choose to have carpet, consider buying one that is easily cleaned (such as those made of bamboo). If you can not help your love for Far Eastern carpets, daily vacuuming is essential, and even use an old steam (with something like a “steam cleaner”) to end
mites that live there. A quick method to remove hairs a carpet is to use a “strip” of which are used to clean the windows.The “spongy” zone which serves to dry the glass can be used, slightly wet, to give one pass and remove carpet hairs tutiplén. A little trick is to mix a little fabric softener with water and spray to spray on the fabric: fabric softener makes the hair separates and makes us easier aspirate or rub.
Cat hair on furniture or fleet also hits the atmosphere from the ground.Float This effect can be minimized by controlling the humidity in the atmosphere. A dry environment increases the amount of flying hairs, so you can use a humidifier to avoid an overly dry environment.
The hairs also will stick less to your sofas, cushions, and chairs if cortíns use special hair repellent fabrics. Even for sofa, synthetic leather using the glued hair diminished greatly. To clean the upholstery and apparel, apart from the vacuum cleaner, there are several “homemade” solutions.One of the most effective is to take an oven mitt, wet it slightly and pass it through the fabric. Packing tape, winding it on hand can also be used.Even a sponge, wet, remove a fair amount of hair on the upholstery.Another handy option is the nylons (tights), they also remove hair.
Removes static hair
Sold commercially removes lint brushes which are usually red, have a velvet appearance. Other quitapelusas use static brushes. Likewise, remove the paper lint rollers are a quick and urgent option for fabrics. The Ikea are especially popular because they are cheap, I use them in pairs for all my clothes.
For fabrics that allow it, the dryer removes a fair amount of hair, although you must remember to be cleaning the filter apparatus. They also sell a kind of static for washers and dryers that trap hairs and facilitate their leaves removed.
Finally, nothing better furniture for the microfiber cloth with a splash of a special anti-static spray that catches hairs. The cloth can be washed, but should NOT throw suavizane to avoid losing their property.
So after the time you’ve spent reading this article … probably your cat has thrown a few more clumps of hair. I also leave you, I’ll take the quitapelusas roll …
My name is Juliet Kakish. Hope you like this post

Want to become a bookkeeper?

You have just arrived in Canada and you are considering a new career? If you have good basic computer and your level math is correct, the job of Accounting and Bookkeeping  (also called bookkeeper) could then be a good livelihood for you.

I came to this conclusion after attending an information session on bookkeeping services center for immigrants Woodgreen. This session was moderated by Lina Uchinucura, director of education at the Canadian Institute of Bookkeeping (Canadian Institute of bookkeeping).
“Today, more than 300,000 bookkeepers work in Canada,” says Uchinucura “and this is because all businesses – whether small, medium or large – conducting financial transactions and all need bookkeepers. “

According to the website This profession is in high demand in Canada. Clicking bookkeeper (bookkeeper), you will see that the average unemployment rate across Canada is 7%, in contrast to the bookkeepers, the unemployment rate is only 3%, which means that the competition is weaker. Although the average wage for chatswood MYOB bookkeeper services is 14.88 dollars an hour, or somewhat below the national average (18.07 dollars an hour), the future looks promising bookkeepers.
By Moreover, you can also consider the function bookkeeper as a springboard for a future career as an accountant, profession whose unemployment rate is below 2%, and the average wage of 25 dollars an hour.

Another source points out the benefits of the profession of bookkeeper. This is the “Index of the Employment Opportunities for New Immigrants, Based on Skills Transferability and barriers to access to professions – January 2003″ published by Human Resources and Social Development Canada (HRSDC). The authors of this paper conclude that some jobs are better suited to new immigrants. If you have a good job, you will find work quickly, but if your business has little future, you will have to face many problems and you should probably consider changing field of expertise.

On a list of 200 occupations, starting with the best, the function bookkeeper worthily occupies 29th place.You can purchase the above document to libraries or available on the Internet at: page00.shtml .

What are the main responsibilities of a bookkeeper?

According to the 1231 Code of the National Occupational Classification (NOC), the bookkeeper must keep financial records, report and reconcile accounts, verify the procedures used for recording financial transactions, and perform other bookkeeping services books of accounts for individuals. All these responsibilities involve manipulating numbers. That’s why we want to know if you are good in math. And today, most of the tasks in the bookkeeping is done by computer. So bookkeeper must master programs like Microsoft Word, Excel, Simply Accounting and QuickBooks. Professional accountants should, in turn, know how to use ACCPAC more.
What opportunities for career advancement? According to the NOC, career advancement to positions of higher paying accounts is possible if the candidates take additional training.

Where can I get this training?

“The programs bookkeeping are taught at several colleges and business schools,” says Uchinucura “and to receive a full education in bookkeeping, you must follow nine courses: Bookkeeping I and II, Computer Applications I and II, computerized bookkeeping I and II, cost management, income tax and payroll administration. “

The approximate cost of the new course is $ 3,000. Besides you spend studying, you must obtain Canadian work experience, and that’s why many institutions offer study programs work. However, if you are not convinced that this profession is for you, basic courses in bookkeeping are available in most training centers for adults for a nominal fee.

Once you have completed your training, you need to write your resume and start your job search for a position as bookkeeper in job banks like or . Currently, there are more than 350 vacancies for this function.

Please find below a typical ad for a bookkeeper in a Canadian job bank:

  • Salary: 25 000 $ 35 000 per year, 40 hours per week. Other benefits.
  • Education: high school diploma or vocational training.
  • Experience: 3-5 years.
  • Languages: English reading, speaking and writing.
  • Computer Applications: Windows, email, word processing software, spreadsheet software, Excel, Accounting software, Quick Books, Internet.
  • Specific skills: maintain general ledger and financial statements to date, view journal entries, prepare account balance records, reconcile accounts, calculate and prepare checks for payroll, develop statistical, financial and accounting, calculating assets and depreciation.
  • Essential skills: reading text, document use, numeracy, writing, oral communication, teamwork, problem solving, decision making, critical thinking, task planning, organizing, finding information, continuing education.

And I have kept the best news for last: the profession of bookkeeper does today knows no regulation. This means that during your interview, an employer can not ask you for your license because it is not required.However, there is a national title of certified content books, which is issued by the Canadian Institute of Bookkeeping ( ), and that will benefit you no doubt by reports to your competitors.
“To receive the As a bookkeeper, “adds Uchinucura” must pass the new exams by getting above 65% marks and have three years of experience as  bookkeeper website , including self-employment. International experience of immigrants will be counted as a year of work. “

Once you have your certification bookrunner, I can guarantee you that you will know most of the secrets of this profession and you’re ready to upgrade to an accountant, who according to the list of 200 trades above ranks second place after the computer engineer function.

For more information on the profession of bookkeeper in Canada, please visit the website of the Canadian Association of grade and bookkeepers at the following address: .

Want to study Graphic Design?

Academic stage of your life where you have to decide what further study is coming. Many say it is the most important deciciones of your life and there is no turning back, but anytime you leave the race you choose and start over from scratch, all you would lose in that case would be the time you spent studying in that career in the end was not what you really wanted.

Now, I’ll give you a warning if you are contemplating studying the Design Website Training, I took 2 and a half years and in that, so I can say more or less like this situation.

If you plan to study Graphic Design you should know that:

  • Most of your friends and acquaintances to study anything you always say, “Your career is very easy”, “you get high marks for making it easy”, “anyone can do it.” Seriously, it will often be frustrating and even try to argue the point continue reviewing the same.
  • The first semester there are many classes that seem to “Crafts”. An amazing amount of glue, scissors and paper of different colors used. For this reason your clothes will stain paint, solvents …
  • You’ll spend a good starting money. Yes sometimes buying materials even knew existed, cardstock, cardboard, paper, paints, vinyls and especially a lot of ink for printing.
  • You will become friends with caffeine. It might not be habitual consumer of coffee, but often you’ll need for those typical disclosed the trade of being a designer.
  • You’ll learn a little bit of everything. Poquito silkscreen, bit of photography, engraving bit, little bit … But to learn photoshop 100% what you are most interested in going to have to learn on your own, outside the uni.

Do you still want to study design?

Your resume know what you know?

Much of people’s HR companies with whom I have had the opportunity to speak, mainly value the knowledge and experience acquired in the workplace. Ie not seeking both a person who knows the theory but looking for people who can implement the practice.

Usually this type of learning we acquire almost without realizing it, based on the daily work and precisely why sometimes are not aware of the vast amount of knowledge and experience we have gained.

To be aware of this, from time to time it is appropriate to stop and dump everything we have learned in our curriculum. In this way we will be able to take a historical record of what we have learned, while maintaining our updated resume.To help in InfoJobs we simplified the process of editing skills in the curriculum.Want to try it now?

Define your knowledge considering the company 

first thing to keep in mind when we add our knowledge to the curriculum is how the company uses this information.  There are three main uses:

-When. indicates explicitly offer expertise in the work

-When. reviewing resumes enrolled bid

-When. searches the database of candidates My-Opi.

Knowledge in Job 

When a company publish a job offer express their needs in different fields of information (job, province, education, type of contract, etc..). And the knowledge that should be the person who chooses the job.

therefore, a good recommendation is to draw our knowledge as do companies . The closer we are in the way we express more empathy and possibilities have to be considered (for example, using them in the cover letter).

Performing this analysis frequently is also interesting because it allows us to discover what our knowledge about that the market demands and to establish strategies to cover our weaknesses.

Knowledge Search by keywords 

One of the most common ways that companies use to find candidates is seeking resumes by keywords (like you do you when you want deals ). These searches may apply.

-A deals recorded in the CVs.

-A CVs that are visible in database.

Either way, good writing skills provide our recruiters find us. Conversely, poor writing we may become “invisible.”

It is important to adapt language used by the recruiter being concise and avoiding all that is superfluous.

Examples of knowledge expressed incorrectly

After a first analysis of the use of field knowledge the candidate InfoJobs, these are the most common mistakes:

Languages ​​: The curriculum InfoJobs already have a box to indicate explicit language. The companies have an option to search by language. Report known languages ​​in the wrong place it will not find us.

Jobs: knowledge is NOT a job. Should not be set in this field texts as “Cash”, “Repositioning”, “Technical …”, “Head ….”, “Assistant …”, “Responsible …”. This information must be considered within the section of experiences. If we place the information in the wrong place we are sending the recruiter do not understand the difference between knowledge and a job.

Courses, Carnets, Certificates … : Any word beginning with “Course …”, “Carné … “,” Certificate …. “is not indicative of knowledge as such. There are other places for this information.

- Redundancy words, concepts need not be repeated, for example

. “Knowledge of Java” should be “Java”

. “Microsoft Word program” should be “Microsoft Word”

“Software Autocad” should be “AutoCAD”.

“Using Spreadsheets” should be “Excel”, “OpenOffice” explaining the tools in question.

“Expert in Adobe Photoshop” should be “Adobe Photoshop” and indicate the level of knowledge with the relevant option.

Other words that we must beware: All those skills that begin:

“All”,  “Good”,  “User”,  “Good”,  “In”,  “Improved”


In any case we lie on our resume. Sooner or later the recruiter will find out.

Refresh your knowledge of the CV 

Think about your latest knowledge, update your CV InfoJobs and increases the chances that you are.

My dad bike trip

Today I’m talking about my dad. My dad travels mainly in France, I have already explained in the genesis of our Around The World : it is not a gene journey . At least not with me. It is rather a disease that I have passed, perhaps in part by my big sister as well as an old friend.

Back to my dad. He travels by bike especially since his retirement. And I’m talking about travel. The bike is good family, moreover, all my cycles, it was he who gave them to me refurbished. It was often the Recycling! My current bike is also his former best hybrid bikes for men.

Since he decided to travel, it is equipped with GPS, trailer, solar panels, bike shorts . What amazes me about him is how he was able to exploit the news to really simplify your life and increase independence.

In general it share in the Massif des Vosges , pedal several days. It is not uncommon for him to go alone, even if he prefers the company. The problem is that we must find companions. Drive fast for several days in the mountain roads. In the evening he bivouac with his small tent, doing the dishes with its biodegradable soap: a real contact with nature, before back in the saddle at the daybreak. Using GPS hike, it is not lost which always gives him more freedom to charge he uses his dynamo or solar panel if it’s fine.

In short, you guessed it, I’m proud of him. Even a little practice and I could possibly go with him one of these days!

Experience of using the iPhone 5

Three weeks I am using an iPhone 5 does. Initially my idea was to try the experience for a reasonable time to sell later. Which eventually I will not.

What made me decide to keep it?

I’m using Android since 2009, the year in which I got the HTC Magic. It seems incredible that only make 4 years started hovering smartphones. Since then I have been with Android Phones: Galaxy Nexus, HTC One Note 2 and the terminals have been that I’ve had for a reasonable period of time. I like Android, and now that has improved so much and has many applications in very good quality. It was not always so.

Switching to iPhone is a new user experience that I’m finding interesting, which according to my current preferences use and gives me the following:

1. Reduced size. ‘ve always preferred the big screens. My satisfaction with Note 2 was huge. Have a device to serve you for everything has its point (not to mention autonomy). The 4 ‘iPhone make it an extremely convenient device to carry and handle. I suppose they are moments, times and circumstances do better something or other.

2. Using the tablet. Limiting the size of the iPhone has driven me to always carry with me the Note 10. Right now I am writing this post with it, taking advantage of the way home from work. I like this concept smartphone as digital handheld that I use when removing the tablet is not feasible (working day, on the street, etc). I’m enjoying a dwarf using the tablet in mobility beyond the comfortable home sofa.

Three. Apps. applications Android has very good quality, but had long undiscovered new. It may seem silly, if one has all you need, what you want to discover new apps? Simple and simply for fun. Use iOS mobile concept has allowed me to discover new marketing apps that have delighted me.

April. Fast Charge. Autonomy iPhone is mediocre. Now are 16h and I’m below 10%, although I have used a lot more today than usual. There are days that covers almost the entire day. But it is something I enjoy half an hour to write the loading terminal and remove more than 50%. IPhone Charging is very fast, and that’s tremendously useful.

May. No distractions. thing that is also to like me is that iOS is focused on application usage. None of customization, simpler configurations and a setting that you find something simple icons you get entry to apps. This is as boring as productive, and at this point I prefer the productivity.

6. Updates and mental peace. Knowing that the device you’re going to receive the updates that are released in the system is something I like.Something that Android is also achieved with the Nexus. That coupled with the long longetividad allowing the launch of iPhones to take another rhythm vorágime semiannual releases arising in Android causes a techie as I intuit that it is easier to focus on the use of technology rather than in the acquisition of technology. We’ll see if this is true, then I will not deny that I still poking my overheated head ordered and get a NEXUS 5, a terminal being much cheaper offers more than one user asks a smartphone ( and some advantages over the iPhone).

¿Android / iOS, complementary systems?

The iOS / Android war is served among users who prefer one or the other system. However many of us see beyond a merciless war see advantages and disadvantages in both systems and we opted for a bit spread use of both rather than opt for one of them.

I remember as a very satisfying user experience I had with the duo Galaxy Nexus + iPad 2. Notion Mobile Android / iPad allows for a much more versatile device pocket, with greater freedom of movement, in addition to the power to have a tablet with a wider range of quality applications.

However I inverted pair is charming, iPhone + Android tablet. Lightest mobile with good camera (and apps that enrich), focused on the use of apps with fewer distractions, a visible sun screen (I know, the Note 2 left this obsession …) and applications system one step ahead in areas that are of interest to me (TwistedWave, Tweetbot and iMovie are three good examples). Android on a tablet provides more freedom to manage files (useful for the handover of movies and series) and you can download directly content without relying on the pc (from the same browser or through a client Torrents ). Do not have the wide range of apps that have iOS on tablets, but a matter of assessing what one wants to win and what you lose, because it is clear you to take the device to hop and you do the combination of pots you do, you’ll win things and you will lose others.

Making a garden with little money

Having a beautiful garden can seem complicated and expensive but if you follow these steps you will see that it is something you can do with little money . Make the project design and creation of your garden. Divide your garden project in phases so you can go by gradually creating the garden of your dreams. Consider consulting a landscaper and get their opinion, although unComo some tips on how to make a garden with little money.


  1. To make the little paths and walkwayseconomic of your garden, you can use cobbles, gravel, stone or concrete. If you use pieces of gravel, it is recommended to select small-less angular gravel 1/4 centímetro- and avoid rounded gravel or other stones.

  2. To furnish decks and patios we suggest you choose chairs and economic tables as you can find in DIY centers or even thrift stores. The best prices for garden furniture are usually found in late summer. In another article you will find tips on how to decorate an outdoor space .

  3. To make a garden, if you have enough space you can also place a water fountain closed circuit , so you will not waste water and be more economical. In stores home improvements are available pumps and fountains that can be installed in the garden, terrace or Patios Brisbane Queensland.

  4. Before planting grass , make sure this is appropriate to the climate of the area where you live, as it does not support well the hot, dry climates. If you live in a region with high temperatures and / or slightly moist, it will be convenient to opt for an alternative to grass.Thus, you can be useful our articles on how to choose artificial grass or artificial turf how to place .

  5. You can create beds of flowers with a garden hose to achieve curved, and then install edges to define them better. You also interested to know how to care for plants in a grow bed .

    Be advisable to enrich the soil with compost and other accessories in accordance with the advice of qualified personnel. To make it even cheaper, you can see in this article how to compost at home.

  6. It is convenient to plant trees, shrubs and flowers native or indigenous to your area , as these are more likely to thrive and not need a major commitment and investment to keep them in top condition. It is also recommended to plant evergreen trees

  7. You can add torches, outdoor lamps, lights on poles or candles to create a welcoming environment for noch e. You will find here some more tips on how to light terraces and gardens.

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